Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Holidays & Gifts: Kids' Stuff

Posted by Julie
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It's coming up to school holidays time, and I know I'm trying to prepare for the inevitable "Mum, I'm bored!" pleas. We have a number of homemade mixes I like to make up in advance, and my kids can't get enough of these; they're cheap to make using regular household ingredients, they weren't shipped halfway across the world in brightly-coloured plastic containers, and they don't contain any dodgy chemicals or colourings.

As it is also the gift-giving season, these also make fabulous, cheap presents for the young ones in your life or their friends.


1 1/2 cups plain flour
1/2 cup salt
3 teaspoons cream of tartar (found in the baking aisle of the supermarket)
1 1/2 cups water
1 1/2 tablespoons vegetable oil
A few drops of natural food colouring, if desired.

* Combine the flour, salt and cream of tartar in a saucepan. Combine the oil and water (and food colouring if you are using it), and mix into the dry ingredients in the saucepan.
* Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until thickened and dough-like, and it is coming away from the sides of the pan.
* Remove from the saucepan and cool slightly, then knead briefly until smooth. Allow to cool completely before using. Store in an airtight container or plastic bag. It doesn't need to be stored in the refrigerator, but it will last a little longer in hot weather if you do.

Bubble Mix

1/4 cup dishwashing detergent
3/4 cup water
5 drops glycerine

* Measure the ingredients into a container with a lid and stir gently to combine. The older this mixture is, the longer the bubbles last when it is used, so it is a good idea to make it at least two weeks before you want to use it or gift it.
* Seal leftover mix tightly. You can make various different sized and shaped bubble wands using thin wire (such as florist wire) and a pair of pliers, and we find that using shallow flower pot saucers work well for containing the bubble mix for dipping when we are using it.

Salt Dough

* 2 parts plain flour
* 1 part salt
* water as required
* 1 teaspoon vegetable oil

Combine the flour and salt in a large bowl, and add the vegetable oil. Mix in a small amount of water, and keep adding water and mixing until the mixture is smooth and no longer crumbly. Use the dough as you would for playdough to shape into whatever the child desires. When they are finished, place into an oven at 170'C/ 340'F, and dry until the shapes are nice and hard.

Paint them with any water-based paint. Varnishing them with craft glue or modge podge when dried will help protect them if you intend to keep them for some time.

To make this up as a gift, combine the flour and salt in an airtight container such as a pretty jar. Include the instructions on a piece of card attached to the jar by a ribbon, or apply a pretty label.

Water Colour Paints

* A quantity of corn starch / cornflour (say, half a cup, depending on how much paint you need)
* An equal volume of cold water
* Food colouring for the required colour/s

Mix equal parts by volume, of the cornflour and water until the cornflour is completely suspended in the water. Slowly add the food colouring to the mixture drop by drop, while mixing until you have achieved the desired colour. Start painting!

This mixture is also great dried into a powdered form for later use or as gifts. Pour it out onto a shallow plastic tray and place it in a spot where it can dry slowly in the air. When it is completely dry, crush the paint to a fine powder and store in an airtight container until required. To use the paint, add water until you have the desired consistency.

The salt dough and water colour paint recipes came from the Grandpa Pencil website, which also has some great activities for kids during the holidays.

Have fun!


Bovey Belle said...

I like the idea of home-made paints (I shall have to store it up for my grandchildren - though hopefully those won't be just yet, with my girls at Uni currently!)

I used to make play dough for them when they were small, and we also made gifts and wall hangings from the salt dough, which they loved doing/painting. FAR better than all this toxic, plastic tat in the shops.

Joanne said...

Thank you! I don't think my boys are too old for some of these, especially the paint. I'm going to bookmark this page for further down the school holiday track!

Joey said...

What great ideas. I was looking for things for our kids to do over the Christmas break. Thanks!

jacqui jones said...

oh thats great thanks
i have a few recipes from teaching too i will share on my blog in a few days
goop always good fun
and some finger paint

all easy, homemade messy fun

Ramona K said...

Many thanks for this information. Our grandchildren will be staying with us over Christmas and New Year. I am sure they will appreciate making their own playthings. Being on a fixed income now, I will also appreciate the savings as well as the delight of "do-it-yourself"activities.

Promotional Gifts said...

Many thanks for this information

Sophia Sunshine said...

Wow, your post felt like straight out of my childhood! My mom always made the first three recipes and I've never worried about not having toys for my friends kids because if they get bored I can quickly and easily make up a batch of playdough. No fake smells either. With the salt dough we would make our own ornaments (using paper clips for hooks) to use on our advent calendar. It was so neat as we got older to see what we'd made in our early days.

Thanks for sharing with the rest of the world!