Monday, 27 April 2009

Wanting It All

Posted by Bel
From Spiral Garden

Years ago I used to read books about food forests and wish for more land, more time, more money to set up the gardens… I was missing the point. There was enough in my life already – seeds to save from the vegie scraps, green waste to compost, a plethora of books in the library and kind-hearted neighbours to learn from and swap seeds and produce. And so the garden grew.

And it grew onto a spare block of land next to our house. And materials were recycled and we waited until the things we needed came our way. And the garden kept growing – big, abundant patches of food plants, chickens for eggs, entertainment and fertilising manure, fruiting trees and vines, rainwater tanks, a roadside stall to make a little pocket money from the excess… And it rarely seemed like work.

Then it came time to move. We’ve come to the perfect place to create the food forest, and have one hundred times the skills we had back in the days of wishing for more, more, more. There is a season for everything in life, after all.


ChristyACB said...

Yep, I agree. It comes as we can use it wisely. Either that, or we can really only see it to use as we are ready for it.

littleecofootprints said...

Couldn't agree more! I have found in the past I wanted everything 'NOW' for my garden. It made gardening very expensive. Not anymore! I have been making a real effort this year to spend as little money on my garden as possible. I have been getting free manure from the local horse stables, cheap mushroom compost from a mushroom farm ($2 a bag) and cheap spoiled hay at only $3 a bale. I have been recycling whenever possible. Recycled timber for garden edging and I even used shaved styrofoam from styrofoam boxes as an alternative to perllite in my home made seed raising mix.

Hill Country Hippie said...

That's why I call my blog SEASONALITY - it's a constant reminder that there is a time for everything!

Hana_Caena said...

I should realy learn from this.. take the time that I know I have to wait to have my own land, to learn and use the parents-in-law's land to cultivate and start up whatever I can ..

tricias tip "I even used shaved styrofoam from styrofoam boxes as an alternative to perllite in my home made seed raising mix."made my day, to bad I already planted and replanted my seeds with perlite that I bought. next year! I'd better remember..

Bel said...

I'm glad others can relate! Thank you for your kind comments and ideas. x

libby said...

Hi Bel,

What a great post and oh, so true. We just built our home 3.5 years ago and often wish we had more land and had done things differently. But we've been evolving and changing and know that one day, when the time is right, we will move on to more land, with a bigger veggie garden and more animals, which I know at the moment we don't really have the time for anyway. You are right, our time will come...