Monday, 18 May 2009

Willing Workers

Posted by Bel
From Spiral Garden

Willing Workers On Organic Farms (WWOOF) is a cultural exchange whereby guests offer volunteer assistance and hosts in turn offer food, accommodation and hospitality.

We have been WWOOF hosts through WWOOF Australia for about two years. We have hosted many WWOOFers from Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Malaysia. Each of our guests have brought something special to our home by way of their knowledge, sense of humour, enthusiasm, patience, eagerness to learn, willingness to help, caring, travel tales or love of animals and children.

Feedback from our WWOOFers has been positive, and many have kept in touch with our family. Everyone has loved the food and felt very comfortable here, just as we have felt comfortable having them in our home and lives.

The scenery has impressed all of our guests, and seeing a tree kangaroo, platypus or echidna has been an added excitement.

Together we have enjoyed camping, juiced oranges, built a bonfire, picked fruit, planted seeds and trees, done lots of general farm maintenance, visited waterfalls, walked in the rainforest and laughed... among many other things. Hosting WWOOFers keeps our enthusiasm and energy high with regard to the many improvements and jobs we have here on our little farm.

WWOOF hosts aren't only organic farms - there are urban and suburban households, tourism ventures, animal shelters, hobby farms and other rural landholders in the WWOOF listings.

And WWOOF is also great for the traveller. All of our guests have explained how WWOOFing has enriched their travel experience and their lives. They have learnt a lot and lived cheaply (or free) but well for the duration of their stay with us. It is sweet to see how relieved they are to have free laundry and internet facilities, not to mention good fresh food and a comfy, quiet, warm bed! WWOOF is for young folk, couples, families, mature age travellers and everyone in between.


Regan Family Farm said...

Awesome resource! Thanks for posting~

Green Bean said...

What a great program!

Chelsea said...

I was sincerely researching WWOOF programs all over the world just before I graduated from school. Fate deemed my life in a different direction (a baby direction), but my husband and I still have long-term future plans of taking our family on the road in a manner that would allow us to work on farms around the world!

Hana_Caena said...

I sort of believe that what I Need will show itself for me, for some time now this subject of WOOF-ing has come to my attention..
Thank you.. I think I will try (to bad it needs som planing from my side-work and dogs)

Bel said...

Best wishes to those of you who want to go WWOOFing. I'd love to be a WWOOF guest/worker some time too. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy hosting these great new friends...