Saturday, 18 July 2009

To Market, to Market...

Posted by Bel
From Spiral Garden

Today I went to our local market, as I do on the third Saturday of every month. There are other markets in nearby towns on other weekends, but this one is 10 minutes’ drive away so I never miss it.

I was totally impressed (again) with the quality and selection of local products and thought I’d share with you what I noticed there today…

Sweet Potato
Pumpkins and chokos
Green veg of all types
Herbs – fresh, dried and potted
Tomatoes, eggplant (aubergine), capsicum (peppers)
Bananas, pineapples and paw paws (papaya)
Nuts – peanuts, pecans, macadamias
Dried fruit
Baked goodies
Jams, pickles and other preserves
Coffee (we also grow tea and sugar and produce milk locally – didn’t see it there today, but it’s worth mentioning!)

As well as fresh produce, there is a good variety of handmade food to cooked to eat – Aussie BBQ, ice-creams, pancakes, curry, German-style sausages, juices, smoothies, coffees, spring rolls and more.

Plus there's soap, lotions and potions, plants for food and beauty, books, toys and all sorts of goodies new and second-hand.

Are there local markets near your home? What sorts of things can you buy there? Do you plan your shopping around a regular market visit as I do?


Deb said...

Hi Bel

Sounds like a fabulous market. What part of the country is that?

We have had a local weekly market in town for a while. We buy our fruit and vegies there every Saturday. The range seems to be growing all the time and now includes things like honey, olive oil, nuts, herbal teas, eggs, ice cream, sour dough breads and more.

I love a market with great local produce.

Deb, from the far south coast of NSW

Gavin said...

Bel, that is a vast range. We just came home from visiting CERES Community Environment Park in Brunswick East, VIC and they had an organic market with so many fruits and vegetables. The great thing was that at least 50% of them were grown in the park itself in the community gardens. A nice touch was that the food miles were listed against every type of produce. Good for keeping to a 100 mile diet!


Bel said...

Gav, the food mile notes are a great idea!

Oooh, I think I forgot eggs and herbal teas here too Deb! I should have got the kids to help me compile the list, there's probably more I missed...

The market is Malanda Markets - it's just over an hour west of Cairns on the Atherton Tablelands. The tropical stuff is grown on the coast and the cooler climate stuff is grown up here in the highlands.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Am headed to purchase local today...hoping to get a watermelon (we're famous for 'em). C

5dollarsaday said...

I go every Sunday to my local market (you can see a picture of my haul form today on my blog). I have to be careful to take only as much as I want to spend because I will try to buy everything if I have the money with me!

Joanne said...

I love local markets, but don't go often enough- too tired or too busy on the weekends. We have a farmer's market, which I haven't yet been to but should make the effort, a craft market (which has some local produce and plants) and several other markets in coastal towns around about. All are once a month. There are weekly trash and treasure markets in several places.
When we are on vacation, I make a point of checking which local markets are on and try not to miss them.

linda said...

We have local markets on nearly every day of the week in Chicago-from June to October. They offer much of what you listed. I don't partake for several reasons which I won't go into here (though I have one favorite farmer that I do visit whenever I can because I trust him and we have forged a casual friendship).
In reality, I am growing food here and have a place in the country where I am able to buy direct from farmers which helps a good deal with the cost.

Karen said...

The market scene in Philadelphia has gotten a lot more active, but the Saturday market in my neighborhood has been all year round for several years now. I also have markets I can get to on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I try to plan all my meals around what I can get at the markets, and my rare trips to the supermarket are for fill-in things, perhaps once a month.

Your market sounds fabulous.

Bel said...

I wonder if others' markets are stalls where the grower sells his or her own produce? That's the type we have here, for the most part, so we can ask questions about the growing methods and about using the produce. :)

On the northern part of the Tablelands it's very sunny and dry. Here were I live it's cool and wet. On the coast it's hot and wet. So we get lots of variety at our markets - and all within around 100 miles. :)