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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two new writers

by Rhonda Jean

Hello everyone! I'm here today to introduce you to our two new writers - Lynn and Amy. Lynn's personal blog is viggiesveggies and Amy writes hers at Progressive Pioneer Both these women are living well and truly in the spirit of the co-op's values and I am happy to introduce them to you. Lynn's first post here will be this Saturday and Amy will follow up on Monday, 2 November.

While I have this opportunity, I'd like to thank our team of writers here. They write interesting, relevant and thought provoking posts that teach, inspire and motivate. Thank you for your continued work here. And to Sharon, who keeps everyone informed and organised with the roster, thank you Sharon. It's a remarkable team.


viggiesveggies said...

Thanks for the great intro! I'm excited about the opportunity to join such a great group of writers.

Our neck of the woods said...

Checked out both of the new writers blogs. Great stuff, excited to see their posts here!

nicola@which name? said...

Welcome! I am familiar with one, but not both, blogs! Look forward to reading their posts!