Sunday, 15 November 2009

Felt Something

by Amy of Progressive Pioneer

I'm pretty nuts about felted wool. Any time I visit a thrift store I check the sweater rack for 100% wool sweaters to add to my stash. I've got a huge box full of various pieces in all sorts of colors and patterns just waiting for inspiration to strike. All of our Christmas stockings are sewn from felted wool, I'm in the middle of a little woolen vest for Sam and recently finished some wool pants and mittens for him. You can make hats, leg warmers, skirts, diapers, blankets, the sky's the limit!

Here's an example of how simple making a pair of mittens is:

I traced Sam's hand and pinned the shape to a double layer of felted wool. In this project I used the sleeves to take advantage of the cuff. Then I roughly cut out the shape, adding enough for a seam allowance.

I left the paper on as a guide and sewed all the way around the edge, trimming of any excess at the end. Flip those guys inside out and you have a great pair of water-resistant, snugly warm mittens!

I made Sam's extra long so they'll stay tucked into his jacket. If you make a pair, remember to sew them together wrong-side out. I forgot on one mitten, but Sam doesn't seem to mind:)


Brad said...

How do you felt the wool? Have you ever felted 'raw' wool just sheared off the sheep?


susan said...

I like to do this too but many wool jumpers here are superwash wool which has been treated to be washable in a washing machine and won't felt so I have to look at the labels carefully to avoid these.

Anonymous said...

I think I missed something....where does the felting part come in? are you washing the sweater first or drying it first...or after.

Chiot's Run said...

I too love felted wool. I'm hoarding wool thrift store sweaters to make a big felted wool quilt for my bed. It probably take some time to gather enough, but I'm patient!

Sarah said...

I've been needing to make some mittens for my kids this winter - I think this is a fantastic idea!

Chiot's Run - what a great idea for a quilt! I love it!

Lilly said...

Yes, could you please explain how the felted the wool jumper.... did you just throw it in the wash? *lol*
Sorry for the silly questions..... feltings new to me.

Amy of Progressive Pioneer said...

Sorry for the lack of details guys. So, to turn a regular wool sweater into felted wool you just start with a 100% wool sweater, toss it in a hot water wash with detergent and let it go! Once it's through the cycle you can put it in the dryer for more felting. I usually do this. I have a whole box of sweaters I've done this to, now they're just waiting to be turned into something!