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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sew Your Own Christmas Wrapping

From Amy at

Here's a repost from my blog, but perfect for the season, I think! You could start making a few of these this year, adding some each year and eventually phasing out disposable, expensive paper wrapping altogether! It's an easy, satisfying project; have fun!


I'd been meaning to make reusable cloth bags to put Christmas presents in, but it took a girlfriend showing up with piles of fabric and initiative to finally get the project off the ground!


Luckily we have two sewing machines, so Rachel and I were able to work side by side making tons of little cloth bags to hold Christmas presents. She chose a variety of Christmas-y prints, while I limited my palette to red and white.

Christmas bags3

I used French seams on mine to make them a bit more durable and also to give the insides a nice finished look. Once I got into a groove I was able to crank out quite a few!


There were huge quilted ones, tiny striped ones and plenty of plain red ones made of sturdy duck cloth. I opted not to do a drawstring or anything, for simplicity's sake. I'm a ribbon hoarder, so we have plenty of lovely ribbons to tie the tops. I can't wait to see them all stuffed and under the tree!



Margaret said...

What a great idea. This year I used Xmas themed teatowels as wrapping but I will start making these for next year.


Joyful said...

Very nice! Thanks for sharing the idea along with some photos for the motivational factor :-)

owlfan said...

I've done quite a few of these. My favorite touch is to sew a piece of ribbon into the seam an inch or two from the top to use as the tie. I bought some silver and gold rickrack by the pound many years ago and it works great for the larger bags and then I use some thin ribbon that I get by the spool on the smaller bags. These are really cheap if you can get the fabric on clearance after Christmas.

Nicole said...

Another idea for present wrapping (we use it year around) are silk play scarves. I just go round them up from the kid's dress up box and fasten with ribbon or rubber bands. If you are creative, you can make beautiful flower type ties with the ends instead of bows.

renee @ FIMBY said...

I'm sewing Christmas bags this year also. Super easy. I'm planning to keep these in family so to speak so I don't have to make new ones each year.

Green Gal said...

How lovely! I haven't gotten to this point yet, but I do reuse my paper from year to year. I just posted about it yesterday, in fact ( I will be posting a link to this blog on my post for sure :)

Karen L R said...

a dear friend of ours gave us gifts years ago, wrapped in fabric bags she had stitched. they are still, all these years later, reused and loved.

Megan said...

I did this last year. I sewed a ton of bags of all shapes and sizes. We left quite a pile of bags under the tree for Santa to use :) It was great! I used about thirty different prints. My daughters were so excited to get them out this year and see them again. I hope to use them for years to come!

Rachel B. said...

I was thinking about doing that but I noticed at my job, the bottom of paper bags stuck together sometimes or the handles on the bigger ones break. So instead of throwing them out I saved them and used them as wrapping paper and packaging for my soap!

Mrs. Kelly said...

Love, love, love this! And thank you for the tutorials! I was glancing at the Xmas paper wrap at the store yesterday and just thinking there has got to be a better way to transport all my beautiful hand-knit, handmade items to my family. This is do-able!

Happy Mama said...

I'm a bit late to comment but these are great.
I got hold of lots of Christmassy fabric last year and MEANT to sew bags but ended up just using them as if they were paper (if that makes sense) and tying them up like parcels with ribbon. I used a different colour ribbon for each child so no need for gift tags (within our house, anyway).

Only problem is, they are stored safely in the attic and I am too pregnant to get up the ladder so I have to wait for hubby to get back from sea before I can start the wrapping this year!


utahlawyer said...

My family has been using the same reusable Christmas boxes for the last 12 years. The best part is that they look like a traditional present and can be done by people who can't sew.

Ria said...

I don't sew my own wrappings, but I do use bits from my extensive fabric stash to wrap gifts. Just a simple folded square or rectangle or whatever's appropriate, tie it with a piece of yarn (from my equally extensive yarn stash), and voila! I let my friends know that they can keep the fabric if they want, or if not, they can give it back and I can reuse it in some other project, possibly even for next year's gifts.

Next year, though, I think I will make fabric bags, and they can be a part of each person's gift as well as a fun project for me to make. :D

Lindy said...

A friend was getting rid of some Christmas fabric overflow on Saturday and since I had read your post, I took her up on the offer. I will be using what is left of the old wrapping paper, but starting on the bags for the rest. I love the idea and the time it will save me over the next 20 years! Not to mention how much less paper we will buy. The first few have turned out so nicely. Thanks for the idea.