Sunday, 13 December 2009

Surviving Everyday Mishaps

by Lynn of Viggies Veggies

The road to self-sufficiency is littered with failures. I know that not because I'm looking back from the vantage point of my vast experience. But because I'm at the beginning of the road where everything is new and easy to get wrong.

Like this morning when the sun came out and I went to clear the thick layer of snow and rain (now ice) that had accumulated on the cold frames. I know they say they don't make things like the used to, but I can tell you for certain that doesn't apply to glass! Luckily in this case the plants had frozen in our extreme cold that came with our first snow anyway (-20F with windchill!) so I'm not losing a crop...and I have a spare window so can fix this when it warms up a bit.

Coldframe mishaps

This is the point in your life where you really develop your sense of humor. Because you are going to fail. Spectacularly. And often. That's part of the process of learning so many new skills, experimenting with new ideas, and pushing limits as you go. Like during my attempt at cloning tomato plants. The one in which I didn't thoroughly clean the tomato cuttings taken from my garden and ended up re-homing a thriving colony of aphids into my living room, who proceeded to quickly kill the plant.


Or during my indoor growing experiment when I learned that my kitten LOVES greens. Going so far as to eat my bush beans WHOLE!!!! That's certainly not something you expect to happen. I thought it'd be easier growing indoors in a controlled environment without all the pests. In reality I introduced my poor innocent plants to two giant cat pests who love to nibble and dig.


And those are just the recent ones I have photographic evidence for!

What have I learned from these types of disasters? To enjoy the process. To love learning. Even the part that involves learning from your mistakes. Not to stumble over the unexpected. And that even if your failures aren't very funny at the time, it will be hilarious when you tell everyone about it later. And hopefully while they are laughing, your audience will learn a little something from your mistakes as well.


GooseBreeder said...

There are no mistakes only learning!And so much to learn and keep learning if you garden,it never stops and neither do the funny stories.

Stacy said...

Ahhh...gardening and parenting. So much alike!

NMPatricia said...

Thanks for the post. It makes it a whole lot easier to know that I am not the only one.

Love the cat photo. We have "challenges" with our cat digging in our inside plants. We took to putting small stones around the plants so he couldn't get to the dirt. Thank goodness he doesn't eat much - and throws up pretty quickly that which he does!

viggie said...

Oh rocks are a good idea Patricia! I am wanting to try starting some ginger root in the kitchen so I will try it :)

Shelagh said...

I too have cats, one of whom thinks plants are there for diving into and shredding, and the other who thinks they are just there for the eating. She also steals lettuce when I'm making salad - but prefers the mixed baby greens over romaine or leaf lettuce. And please, don't give her a piece of lettuce; she likes to choose her own and run away with it.

Needless to say, I cannot have plants indoors where they can get to them.

Better luck next time Lynn.

candy said...
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Allison said...

Just in case, cats are DEATHLY allergic to lillies - they will need their stomach pumped IMMEDIATELY if they ingest them. :) I have two kitties and I'm always nervous about that.

livinginalocalzone said...

This post is *perfect*!! It describes right where I am now, and its good to know that this is all part of a learning curve - one that seems to keep on going. It feels like I have so much to learn; maybe I should also start collecting some of my current "mishaps" to look back on when I've overcome them - and have then moved on to brand new mishaps!