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Friday, January 8, 2010

A New Year

Posted by Bel
From Spiral Garden

I love a fresh new year. It starts with the clean-up as we prepare for the festive season. We finish up our homeschooling and tidy out everyone’s desks and school books, taking stock of what’s required in six weeks’ time, after our summer holidays.

There’s lots of cleaning out the fridge and pantry with all of the extra cooking and food with Summer, Christmas and New Years’ entertaining.

For most of January we have no commitments – none of the children’s classes or activities are running, no school work to do – a month of freedom! I love this time! I generally do some de-cluttering around the house, organise financial matters, write up my new year diary and calendar, plan for the coming year of home education, shop for resources, deep clean rooms I’ve neglected, catch up on mending, take stock of the freezer and pantry, etc. As homeschoolers, we don’t have to take the same holidays as schools, but I do enjoy having the month of January to catch up! In between all of these tasks we picnic, swim, walk, watch movies and relax together.

It’s also a time for me to take stock on the year that was, and goals for the New Year. I’m not huge on New Year’s Resolutions, but I have a group of friends who pick a word for each year. I haven’t joined them before, but am inspired by their choices – mindfulness, patience, me, dare, acceptance, trust, shine, enterprising… My word for 2010 is Be. It's all about me doing too much, and not taking time to just Be. Be available. Be Mum. Be still. Be calm. Be me.

Are you excited by a new calendar year? Do you make resolutions or turn over a new leaf in some way? I’d love to hear about what the New Year means to you.


David said...

My word for this year's theme would be MORE

More time spent in quiet spiritual contemplitive prayer. More time spent gardening. More projects completed. More decluttering the house. More organization. More communication with friends and family. Every thing could use more instead of hurry up. My theme will be slow down and do MORE.

Thank you for your direction for this year.

Nebraska Dave

Dia said...

I do feel excited about the new year! One of the therapists just left our office, & while I liked her, I feel a real lift in energy! I help at my 5 yr old granddaughter's 'playschool' & get kid hits (& I'm an 'alt. or home school gal!)
I also am working on dethugging, organizing, stocking more gluten free baking supplies, repurposing . . .

my word for 2010 is *** MAGIC ***

Jess @ Openly Balanced said...

I also love the new year. I don't know if it's because the stress of the holidays is over, because the days are getting longer again, or just some ingrained "new beginning" feeling, but January is one of my favorite months.

I haven't figured out what my word for this year is... maybe "no fear."