Monday, 10 May 2010

Chronicles of a New Garden: taking it in

by Francesca


Before I started my first vegetable garden eleven years ago, I'd been an indoor gardener. In the city apartments where I lived, I always surrounded myself with green plants and flowers, and always had pots of herbs my kitchen (which stubbornly refused to thrive).


a discarded deck chair frame, and ...

Now I'm an outdoor gardener, and grow mainly vegetables, but also some flowers and many herbs. My garden is a space I love. It's more than a place for growing food, or connecting to the earth, or homesteading. Of course, it is very satisfying to eat what I've grown, and it's rewarding to pass by the produce section in a store and notice for the first time how wilted and identical all those vegetables look.


... some IKEA fabric ...

But my love of gardening is also about enjoying this space that nature and I create together. Nature does most of the work, of course, but I've lent a hand in deciding which plants will thrive here and where they'll grow. As I garden, I feel like an apprentice learning from a master artist.

chair 3

.. and voilà: one of my essential gardening tools in one of my favorite spots in the garden!

Every year when I lay out my vegetable garden, I always leave a grassy area on one end, a space not just to dig, rake and plant, but also to enjoy all the swift and secret things that are happening in the earth all around me. My garden isn't just where I make food for my family. It's a place where I love to sit and just be.

Do you have a space in your garden where you can just sit back and take it all in?


renee @ FIMBY said...

Francesca, I am enjoying my mother's day here in the US.. working in my garden. Creating a space for sitting is something I've wanted to do for some time but I haven't found the right chairs or table yet. (right as in free on the side of the road). My garden is sorely lacking in this regard. Your chair is so lovely Francesca, just like you.

maa said...

How interesting that you have the deck chair in your post today.
I have a picture in my blog,of my mother, 40 years ago, sitting in her deck chair in the garden. It was one of her favourite places too.
The deck chair is light enough to carry and place wherever you'd like to sit.
Happy Mothers day to you.


Sense of Home said...

Very nicely redone chair. I love to sit in or near my garden and read, absolutely love it.

Theresa said...

I don't sit still for long, but it's also pretty hot in my garden. I do love to walk around and visit my plants. Happy Mother's day to one of the special moms I know.

pien said...

yes! i have!
ofcourse ;)

happy day dear!
i think mothersday is very special to you.
[so is it for me, maybe i will post about that someday.. ]

Kari said...

I love the bright color among the green.
I don't garden much but I do have a space that I'm working on right now.

Barbara said...

My life is rather in reverse of yours. I had gardens when I was younger and now live in an apartment with orchids and herbs in the kitchen!

But I had a rose garden in one house that I loved to sit in and another house I was surrounded by lilacs which I adored. My vegetable gardens were always out of the way.

Lovely guest post, Francesca!

anna said...

Your garden looks great, love what you did with the chair! I loved those hidden places in our big garden when I was a child, sneeking in food and books :) Now I have a bench in the park that's 'mine' (I allow other people to sit there to ;)

(Talking about your comment on my freedompost, that's one of the charmes of a garden isn't it..a sense of freedom..)

The Cottage Garden Farmer said...

I agree, having a sitting space is so important in the veg garden as well as in the ornamental areas. I love to just sit with a cup of tea, if I had your lovely deck chair I'd never get back to work though!

Amanda said...

Love the chair, and the little spot to hold your tea! I have a few places in my gardens that I retreat to based on which is cooler. Living in the desert we must always be aware of livable spaces!

denise said...

Nice chair!

Our garden/yard is so so tiny, but we have ripped out almost all of the lawn to grow fruit/veggies. We have left a spot where we can play and roam, and where we can fit a portable firepit for those warm summer nights when we want to sit out and roast marshmallows. :) Our back deck is our spot to enjoy it all - it is shaded and we grow peas, beans and flowers up strings on the side so that by mid-summer we have a whole 'room' enclosed by living flowering walls!

Tish said...

I love your blog. If you get a chance please check out my new blog :)