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Monday, May 31, 2010

Weather not cooperating

by Throwback at Trapper Creek

While most of the US is basking in warm, dry gardening weather, the Pacific Northwest has been receiving storms of winter-time intensity. Snow in the mountains, and rain on the valley floor. Nice to ward off drought, but it makes it a little hard for farmers and gardeners to work their soil and plant crops. I normally am planting my warm season crops by now, but rain almost daily since the first of April has made that nigh on impossible. But living by the calendar has it's drawbacks when it comes to gardening, the weather is too cold to plant many crops anyway - so I can only hope that when it is dry enough to plant, it will be warm enough and the plants will take off.

We had a dry March which allowed me to plant some early cabbages, and various greens, which are really enjoying the cool, drizzly weather, and they are rewarding us with a basket of greens each day for salads and stirfrys.

We have managed to get a few rows of carrots, onions and kohlrabi in, but it is springs like these that make me glad for a bountiful harvest the year before, and the foresight to preserve it. We still have frozen & canned veggies from last year's garden abundance. We used our last storage onion this week, but we still have a few potatoes and winter squash. So we will hang on - warmer times are bound to come...

How is gardening going in your neck of the woods?


Shawna said...

sigh. seattle. my lettuce is happy, my peas are growing like nuts, and i just found the first blossom on them yesterday. i can't wait til the sun comes out (even a sunbreak, please??) and they go nuts with all their stored up energy. here's hoping! i won't be able to plant warm weather plants if the sun doesn't hurry, as i'm due in the next few weeks.

Paula said...

I'm dealing with the same boring rain that you are, except I don't think my temps are as cool as yours...some days barely make it out of the fifties, and some days are mid-sixties. I have summer squash and tomatoes going to town because I mollycoddled them, so hopefully when it warms up, they'll be ready to go. The cool is keeping my lettuces from bolting, so I'm grateful for that.

The weather folks get our hopes up by telling us we'll have nice weather for the weekend, but by the time it comes around, they've ratcheted down the forecast, so it's dry, but still cool and overcast. The thing that really bums me out is that in one month it's going to be summer, and summer always comes on gangbusters like someone flipped a switch. Which means no gentle spring or enough time to get used to the heat. Nuts.

KJ's Restart Button said...

I'm in Oregon. I am glad I waited to put in peppers and a few other things but I planted my cukes too soon and need to replant if this weather ever changes. It is getting tiring.

Michelle J said...

I'm in the same boat as you, here in Olympia. This stinking weather is more like mid-March than late May!

Our peas are growing like mad and the strawberries are setting fruits, but my other May standby's - tomatoes and squash - are barely keeping their little heads above water.

We sure could do with a nice warm week to dry things out! *finger crossed*

Myrnie said...

Haha...same as your neck! I managed a few cool season crops in our shady backyard box, but they're slow going. The peas are happy though (planted those in February in pots) and we get a few pods every day for the girls. I have at least 30 tomatoes to put in, I'm looking forward the sun the weather man PROMISED for next week :)

Sustainable Eats said...

In Seattle listening to lots of rain on the roof right now. The slugs are loving it! Lots of lettuce and having a hard time picking peas fast enough but the tomatoes, corn and squash are slow,slow, slow. Slugs are eating my dill as soon as I plant out new starts. Head cabbages are struggling, onions are slow and carrots are pokey. Not at all like last year.

The Younger Rachael said...

We had that kind of weather back in Feb. I dug a new bed in the mud, because that was the only time I had. It was like it rained for a month straight. But now, its hitting the mid 90s during the day... and will be getting hotter before the fall hits. If I can keep stuff watered, I should have a nice harvest.

I've been told by several seasoned gardeners that I should not try too hard to keep stuff alive through Aug, but plan to start over in Sept. I've put ollas in 2 beds, but not in 2 others; we will see if they help at all.

Fun to read about rain, fun to dream! said...

Here in the Southeast, it's hot and rainy! We've already had our first 100° day, our first 90° was back in March. We're getting rain three days out of four on average. My little container garden is loving the daily drenching, but the lettuce is bolting and the peas are wilting in the heat.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Shawna, ah yes our lettuce is happy too - and so are the rabbits that are taking a like to my Romaine. Grrrr.

I'm the same, if it gets too late, at our elevation corn will out for the year...the tomatoes and peppers are just waiting for transplanting so I am crossing my fingers for some warmth and drier weather!

Paula, I wish it would get to 60, the clouds are just getting squeezed again up here as they pass over. I did see the carrots peeking out last night when I went out to pick salad. So there is hope :)

KJ's Restart, I always direct seed my cukes but I think I will have to start them indoors this year, it is pouring this morning. Again. It is getting a little old. I am tired of building fires to keep warm!

Myrnie, I wasn't brave enough to set out my toms, since we were still having frost until last week, but pretty quick I will have to put them in no matter what, or waste the transplants. I hope the weather man gets it right this time. :)

Annette, we are actually dodging the slug bullet this year - too cold yet, but if it warms up a tad and continues to rain they will show up I am sure! I have discovered the rabbits like Parris Island Cos lettuce but don't care for Simpson Elite, Merlot, Little Gem, or Flashy Green Butter Oak - go figure...they also are not touching any of the other greens or the cabbage which is absolutely loving this weather. Rabbit stew is on the menu soon...

The Younger Rachael, ohh 90's sounds nice right now although I am sure you would like it a little cooler. Likewise on your rain dreaming it is nice to dream of a little sun :)

Localnourishment, Wow 100F! That is hot - I would be wilting too!!

Sense of Home said...

I'm hoping for no more rain for the time being. We had a downpour two days ago and got an inch and a half in about an hour. The garden is mud and needs to dry out, had a beautiful day today though.

Tami said...

It's all or nothing here in NC. A rainy March followed by a hot, hot, HOT April with no rain...and now here we are in May and it's all about opening swimming pools. But hey! Not in my garden! My veggies can't swim!

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