Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Loving the Seasonal Life

by Chiot's Run

As I strive to eat more seasonally I find myself enjoying each item more than I ever have. I've always loved strawberries, and usually we consumed them mostly during their season, but I'd occasionally buy them at the grocery. They were never as good though, a shell of what a sun ripened strawberry picked in the back yard or at a local farm is. No doubt because they were grown thousands of miles away, trucked to a supermarket near me then purchased by me a week or so after they were picked green.

Now that I'm focusing on eating seasonally I know that the fresh strawberries I'm eating now are the only ones I'll get until next June, save for a few I freeze. That makes me enjoy them all the more. My favorite way to eat strawberries: on shortcake. And not those spongy too sweet round cake discs, I make a lightly sweetened biscuit flecked with crystallized ginger. We crumble the biscuit in a bowl, top with freshly sliced strawberries and pour some fresh raw milk on top. You just can't beat that as a deliciously fresh seasonal summer meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

What's your favorite "in season" food at the moment?

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urbanadaptation said...

Right now I am madly, crazily, head-over-heels in love with rhubarb. That will, of course, change as the season progresses, but right now, oh, it has to be rhubarb.

LJ said...

YUM! Cannot wait till I am able to grow strawberries!

Michelle J said...

Boy, it's hard to pick a favorite, but at the moment, it is a dead heat between strawberries and cherries. I could easily eat them all day long, and some days, that's exactly what I do. ;)

Marie said...

Oh, yes! I'm with you on the freshly picked strawberries from our front yard, maybe with the last few stalks of rhubarb...or the first few ripe raspberries...all where lawn used to be. We like a quick cobbler, baked while dinner is eater or sliced berries with a dollop of cultured buttermilk and a drizzle of maple syrup with a home-baked oatcake stuck in for flair...oh so good!

Kate said...

Those strawberries look beautiful! We only got a couple this year, unfortunately.
I'm hooked on my sugar snap peas right now, though. I set out eight plants for just two of us and, well, its been hard keeping up! I don't think anything beats the crunch and sweetness of a sugar snap right off the vine!

Melissa @ HerGreenLife said...

Sounds like we have a similar recipe for strawberries and shortcake - delicious! The roasted beet salad we make is one of my current favorites. Once our garden tomatoes start coming in, the BMT (basil, tomato, mozarella) sandwich is pretty amazing.

Gina said...

I'm right with you! Local grown, especially from your own garden jus tastes better!

I'm loving the asparagus! You just can't find a green veggie this good any other time of the year. I think I enjoy it more because the season is so brief. I don't even try putting it up because it just can't beat fresh. Of course, we are loving the strawberries, too.