Friday, 31 December 2010

My Little Veggie Hanger

by Sadge, at Firesign Farm
After seeing yesterday's post from my co-writer Amy, I now have serious pot rack envy. I could really use the cupboard space freed up by hanging a few pots and pans, for food storage instead. The ceilings in our house are so low, though. Even a pot rack with a very low profile might be more in the way than useful; maybe look too cluttered. I think I'll tape up some paper cutouts first, to see if a permanent installation is what I really want.

I thought I'd share photos of a hanging rack I do have installed in my kitchen, though - one I designed and hubby built. My husband had taken out a piece of the wall between kitchen and living room, opening up our small space and allowing for better airflow inside (with no central HVAC system, open circulation is important for both our summer cooling and winter heating). I thought the wall cutout would make a perfect space to hang foods to dry: chiles, corn, beans, garlic, items from southwestern cuisine that grow well in my high-desert climate.

The rack is a two-foot piece of one-inch wooden dowel. Aries made a couple of end brackets, then stained everything to match our existing woodwork. Brass "S" hooks were threaded onto the dowel before installation, the open ends facing my kitchen for easy hanging access (the hooks slide easily, but can't be removed). Attached to the top of the cutout, it's attractive, decorative, and useful - perfect!


Jupiter Family said...

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The Cottage Garden Farmer said...

Ooh, I have serious chilli envy now!

Michelle said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE THAT RACK!!! I wish my hubby had the wood working tools because I really want one.

Janet said...

I love that rack - so simple but so elegant! I also have chili envy and herb drying envy! :-)

Thanks for sharing.


emilysincerely said...

That is a great hanging rack. So clever, so perfect. Thanks for sharing it with us. Emily

Liyana said...


I loove that rack. I'm going to ask my hubby to built that to.Thank you.


Tiffany Jewelry said...

great. practical. it can be used in my ordinary life.

Vegetable Garden Cook said...

We should have a blog entirely devoted to small house tips and tricks, don't you think? Sure is tough living in small spaces.