Sunday, 30 January 2011

5 signs that its time to declutter

by Eilleen
Hello everyone,

I hope the weekend is treating you well. Readers of my personal blog would know that I moved house last month. Someone once told me that moving house is right up there on the list of major stresses in life. And having done it recently, I think one of the causes of this stress is that its one of the few times in life when our stuff-overload blindness (SOB) is ripped off and we see how much stuff we actually have. To save you from clicking on the link, SOB is basically my ramblings on how we use stuff to project our identity but we don't actually see how much stuff we (or others) have.

When I prepared for my move, I was very surprised at how much stuff I had accumulated in the two years since I started my new life as a sole parent. (I started my new life with only a bed, dining room table, kettle, iron and ironing board.)

I had accumulated so much so that I ended up having to declutter again. The declutter consisted of:
  • 1 commercial van load of stuff given away
  • 1 commercial van load of stuff I sold
  • 2 full car loads of stuff sent to the op shop (charity shop)
Those who have been to my old place (you can see my old place starting from this post) have often commented on how uncluttered my house is. Despite that, I *still* found - if not exactly clutter - then excess stuff I don't/barely use.

So now I've realised that in order to keep to the level of "decluttered-ness" that I'm happy with, I have to regularly declutter. And I've realised that the time to declutter (for me) is now. Why?


1. I'm realising that there are now too many instances when I can't find things that I know I have.
2. I am spending a lot of time thinking of storage solutions (do I really need that much storage?).
3. The kids are finding it difficult to keep track of their stuff and to keep their rooms tidy.
4. I keep tripping over stuff.
5. I am starting to feel overwhelmed at what I have to clean-up/tidy-up at the end of the day.

Now I know that my current state of clutter is partly due to the fact that I still have stuff from my old (and bigger) place which don't really fit into my new (and smaller) place. But really, to determine what else has to go its time I take heed of the signs and start decluttering.

So for the month of February, I hope to get rid of a whole heap of stuff. Wish me luck!

My living room in my new house (and yes, I have put the Christmas tree away for now)


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I'm in the midst of decluttering my home as well. I've got a large pile of items to take to the Goodwill(thrift store). However, I'm rethinking this and debating if there's some of this that I can actually sell. Hmm..good luck!!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Jake said...

I too spent January decluttering and gave 4 bags to charity this week. I plan to continue decluttering every day for the whole year.

Rose said...

A great reminder Eileen, thank you. Your new lounge room is my idea of heaven -- white shutters, minimalist and beautiful.

Julze said...

oh SOB! That's me :-(

We have started de-cluttering (I painted the kids room) just need to do my crafts now...and the overwhelmingness of it says it all!

The Professor's Wife said...

I'm trying to declutter everyday that I can! A good day is one where something is given away, sold, or repurposed!

David said...

You think that you have collected a lot of stuff from just two year try 25 years in the same place. There's stuff in the basement that I'm sorting through this month that I haven't seen in decades didn't even remember I still had. I am determined to clear out the basement this year a reclaim it for a living area. Who knows what lurks in the deep dark depths of the packed out basement storage area. Fearlessly I will challenge the hording monster that lives in my basement.

Have a great decluttering day.

louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife said...

We moved house just over a year ago - and that really highlighted to us how much junk we're accumulated in 10 years - everything taking into the house one thing at a time without noticing...

We got rid of quite a bit of stuff (thinking "why did we pay to move this?!?") when we were unpacking but momentum for that quickly waned - we have more space and storage in our new place so it seemed less important to get rid of stuff - and that's when we slipped back into SOB.

We're now taking the "one drawer/cupboard at a time" approach to decluttering - it's slow going but it's getting done because it's not overwhelming.

The Cottage Garden Farmer said...

Moving house makes you realise how much stuff you have that you don't use, I really will have to get to grips with the loft "storage space" this year.

Diane at Patchwork Economics said...

As February is 'No Spend' month for me - I think I'll reinforce it with some timely decluttering, too.