Thursday, 24 March 2011


by Amy of My Suburban Homestead 

Well, dear readers, I haven't been as active in writing about my homesteading experiences as I have been in the past. This is largely due to the fact that I am pregnant, and most of the time struggling to keep my eyes open and nausea at bay! Most often I've been curled up under the blankets catching up on movies I've wanted to see over the last few years but have been too preoccupied with other projects.

In preparation for the new addition to our family, I've sold off all of my extra chickens. I had been selling their fertile hatching eggs on e-bay (which is a great way to make some extra money from home, by the way if you have a rooster) because I would like to focus on just our family needs. I find that when I have too much going on and try to make a little extra money for myself, the effort that I spend in doing so ultimately means that I have less time to spend on things that would save me money in the long run, such as making my own laundry detergent or growing food or even building a fire in the wood stove. Like they say, time is a precious commodity.

On my personal blog, I wrote recently about our first experience in raising our own pig for meat and lard. If this is something you've been considering, you might find this an interesting read, and if you are a veteran in raising pigs, I'd love to hear your feedback on your experience.

I've also got three runner ducklings in the brooder, and am hoping that they will help me keep the slugs and snails under better control this year.

I'm finishing up my master gardener course, and have learned a lot. I hope to apply all that I have learned this year and will keep you updated on the progress and new varieties that I am attempting to grow. I have a lot of vegetables growing in the house already, and it should be quite the productive season! 


Dawn said...

Wishing you well on your pregnancy. I was really lucky and did not have any nausea. I did however have killer headaches (never before experienced). For what it is worth, I have heard that ginger ale helps with the nausea and/or an organic vial of peppermint oil to sniff, really helps. Best of luck!

Terra said...

Amy, I hope your pregnancy nausea goes away soon, and I admire your raising ducks and even your own pig. Well done.

Joyful said...

Best of luck in your pregnancy. Hope you are over the nausea soon.

brothermalthus said...

Had a friend who suffered from nausea and morning sickness her whole pregnancy until she tried elderberry syrup. A teaspoon a day did her alot of good.

My wife had a bought of bad nausea from a heat wave a few years back. We got her the syrup, followed the instructions for making juice and a sip on that whenever feeling sick fixed her right up.

quiltbea said...

What a wonderful blog.
I found you by accident when looking up succession planting on Google and now I'm a fan.
I started Square Foot Gardening a couple years ago and I'm hooked.
I love growing my own food and I'm sure I'll learn new things here.
Thank you,

Elsie said...

congrats on your pending addition and hope you feel better soon! We have runner ducks and got them for the garden as well. I love them and can no longer imagine our place without them. I have found that there are times when they are really great in the garden and times when they need closer supervision. Ours LOVE greens, so when the chard and spinach are full tilt, you need to keep a close watch on them. Oddly, they won't bother most other things, even ripe strawberries. I really haven't had any problems with slugs since I got them though. They go around all the wooden bed edgings and seem to find a lot of stuff to keep them busy. Best of luck with them! Mine have been very hardy and ever so charming.