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Saturday, May 21, 2011

My 8 year old's first sewing project

by Eilleen
Consumption Rebellion

Hello everyone!

This is just a short blog post from me. I've finished the $2 a day Live Below the Line challenge only yesterday and we've been very busy celebrating (and eating :P).

My daughter got her first sewing machine a few weeks ago. We found a small but a real one that suits her small hands. Its great! I've tried to teach her how to use a sewing machine before this but she found my big machine too intimidating. This one suits her just fine.

For now we are sticking to sewing simple rectangular draw string bags. These bags are great as they have so many uses! And they're easy to sew.

Steps are:

1. Get a big rectangle piece of fabric and fold in half lengthwise - right sides facing together.

2. Sew each of the long sides.

3. Fold the top half down on the outside. Sew almost all the way round, making sure you leave a gap to put the string through.

4. Attach a paper clip or safety pin on one end of the string, feed it through the gap and all the way round. Tie a knot once the string comes out through the gap again.

The finished products. (Readers of my personal blog may also recognise that she's also still using the egg carton sewing box I made for her 18 months ago.)

She has been using her drawstring bags for toys, to hold her sewing gear, and as her library bag.

We may try some simple applique next using polyester fleece (so no hemming required) for her next draw string bag.

Anyway, I am off to eat out with my family. I hope you are all having a great weekend!


Joyful said...

Aw, this is so sweet. I love that you are teaching your daughter such valuable skills at a young age. I never learned to sew such a bag until I was about 4 or 5 years older. I found sewing didn't come that easy to me. I put it aside for a long while and now I am dusting off my skills. It is so gratifying to be able to make something and I'm sure both you and your daughter are very proud (and rightly so) of the bag.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

This is just too cute ;) :) :) Great job on the sewing project. That sewing machine is also really nice, especially for little hands. My first sewing project was when I was 5 years old :) :) My kindergarten teacher taught us how to sew by hand with needle and th read. We made stuffed animals. I still have my little pink stuffed kitty cat :) :) :) His name is "Mr. Kitty" :) :) Have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Ryan said...

When in India they made bags like that out of sari scraps. We bought many to use as gift bags to thank the donors that supported us. We also used them to wrap Christmas presents, and of course Anna has a few for toys and treasures.

Monique @ Simple Abundance said...

That looks wonderful and what a cute little sewing machine.
Those bags are so very easy to use. Great job. Have a wonderful weekend.

~ : Mama Koala : ~ said...

What a great idea. My 7 year old son is very keen to learn how to sew but I'm been trying to think of something simple to teach him with. A bag would be fantastic, and he could use it for school. I hope she enjoys her sewing time.

Theresa said...

awww E that is WONDERFUL!! My E has been learning to do some basic projects this year too and it's so fabulous to see their self-satisfaction when they finish :)

Here's a link to some of her little projects - the polar fleece patchwork quilt was actually a great project to practice straight lines!

Can't wait to see what else J creates!

Wendy said...

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