Saturday, 14 May 2011

My Little Reminders

By: Notes From The Frugal Trenches

When I lived by the sea all I needed was a walk along the coast to remind myself of my journey, to remember the importance of breathing deeply, loving widely and living gently. When I moved away from a more rural live I was scared I wouldn't find those little reminders, but oh they arrived, little daily reminders about the joy found through a simple, green and frugal life.

I'm reminded of this commitment and life every time I:

:: Purchase fresh produce from local farmers at the market!

:: Put fresh bedding in my vermicompost!

:: Find light in my home or snuggle with the furries

:: Take my knitting everywhere I go - even when in dim light, which may explain the holes which plague my knitting ;)

:: Enjoy a plain Jane cup of tea after a good day's work or a long hike!

Do you have beautiful little reminders which help you delight in your journey/choices/values?


sawn48 said...

Yes,yes,yes.Every minute of every day,especially this time of the year.

HAZEL said...

The morning sun streaming in the sun room windows, a long hot bath, the crackle of the fire, splitting firewood, eating home made food, goats (everything about the goats!), a telephone call from my grandson, footy on the radio, smell of wood-smoke in the cold air, a cold nose after a walk along the creek, planning the next lot of veggies to plant, home made bread, birds flitting among the branches, the wedgetail eagles riding the thermals above the ridge, the sound of the wind howling through the trees on the ridge, autumn leaves, .... I could go on because I live in my version of Heaven..and every day, I am grateful.

Looby said...

I think my plain Jane cup of tea is my number one reminder! But going for a walk, even if it is to or from work- I'm lucky I can take a quiet street to walk home and it's currently full of cherry blossom.
Last night I came home to the smell of baking bread which is a perfect reminder to stop and go slowly.

Tegan said...

I always watch the little birds: flitting around, eating the popcorn behind the movie theatre, poking in someone's yard. The moon is also a constant source of wonder and beauty.

I always try to look to nature, because it's so easy to overlook -- and it's not prompted by myself!

One night, after a bad stretch, I found myself walking down a road, barefoot, at dawn. It was lifechanging, and I find that whenever I'm getting too stressed a dose of what's around me will bring me back.

Dmarie said...

"living gently"...beautifully said!