Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Who Loves Porridge?

by Gavin from The Greening of Gavin

I love porridge and so do my chickens!  In fact the whole family loves porridge, even the dogs.

Such a versatile breakfast, all full of goodness to start the day.  Rolled oats (or Quick oats) and milk (or water) in a ratio of 2:3 (oats to liquid) and cook until thick.  Kim and I have it with a teaspoon of jam to sweeten it up, and I have an extra dash of milk, but other than that, no other additives.  It is also one of the cheapest breakfasts you can buy. 

The chickens get it straight up and thick which they love.  Here is some pictures of me feeding them some warm porridge this morning.  They just go crazy for it.

Fever pitched excitement amongst the chooks.

They just can't wait to eat it straight from the spoon.

We've got lumps of it out the back.

Line the wagons up in a circle, Pilgrims!

Nice breakfast Mr Man.  You're welcome, Miss messy face.

Don't worry girls, there is lots more.

I just love their messy little faces.

As you can see, they prefer the warm porridge than they do their complete seed mix.  Well, if I was a chook, so would I.  It is full of protien and calcium for making strong bones and eggs and warms up their tummies on a cold, cold morning.

Go for it girls!


HAZEL said...

l want to write in a Scottish accent...I don't have one, but I want to be able to say, 'I love a wee bit of porridge' with a bit of a brogue! My girls love their porridge too.

africanaussie said...

those look like some very happy chooks.

Paula said...

tomorrow is the first day of summer here, and my girls are only five weeks old today, but I am so looking forward to feeding them warm oats on a cold morning. just a few more months. They should be laying by then!

SARINA said...

I love porridge, and so does my cat. He will positively tap me on the leg to remind me to leave him a spoonful when I eat mine.

Barbaral said...

so cute...who would have thought???
My broilers are not very adventuresome in the eating department...they don't even go for raw veggies!!

Heather Woollove said...

Yummm! I like mine cooked thick with pecans, fresh blueberries and a dash of real maple syrup. Delish!

Julze said...

I love porridge too...so funny to see them loving it, messy lil faces and all LOL!

Erica said...

I love porridge! Those look like some very happy chooks.

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edifice rex said...

We Yanks just call it oatmeal but after reading this I fixed some for my girls and they LOVED it! thanks for the tip! They gobbled it up in no time.

SherryGreens said...

I love your chickens Gavin! Cute messy faces.

Limo said...

I started eating porridge for breakfast last month for the first time as it used to disgust me.

I enjoy it now.

I'm 33.

Anonymous said...

Cute pics Gavin. I had to make some extra for the hens this morning after reading your post. They loved it, just as much as we loved watching them.

Sarita said...

My macaw parrot and I share a bowl of porridge every morning...:) We both agree, best breakfast ever!

small garden love said...

How funny, who would've thought chickens love porridge. I love the picture where the chicken's beak and face is covered in it.