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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New co-op writers

I am really proud of the interesting, inspiring and practical posts our writers continue to give us as we go into this fourth year of the blog.  And now I'm pleased to introduce you to four new writers. Check out their blogs, I'm sure you'll love them:
Many Australian readers will know Linda Woodrow from her influential book The Permaculture Home Garden, originally published in 1996, and still avaialble at most bookstores.  But I'm sure Jemma, Megan and Amanda will soon become as familiar to you as all our other writers and I hope you enjoy reading their posts.

My sincere thanks to Susy and Amy who have left us now. Susy continues to write at her personal blog.


dixiebelle said...

Welcome! I am looking forward to some inspiring writing, and maybe something different too!

Earthdrummer said...

Yeah!! Welcome!! Love the Co-op and the inspiration it leads me to! Glad you are here!