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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why Not?

Posted by Bel

from Spiral Garden

Recently I have participated in some community events regarding our local council's 10 year plan. I have been conversing with many people, trying to explain more about what the grass roots groups in our community are attempting and achieving, and why we are concerned about peak resources, about climate, about the economy and about relocalising our region.

People ask me why I bother? They insist that it isn't worth working with any level of government. They don't understand...

When my grandchildren ask me, in decades to come, “What did you do when the human race was becoming crazy with consumerism, destroying pristine environments, forgetting the old ways and worshipping money…?” I feel proud that I can tell them that I did what my heart told me to... Within the capacity of my roles as a mother, a gardener, an educator, a friend, a volunteer, a writer, a citizen – I shared ideas, and I encouraged action. As much as I could, I always walked the talk.

What will you tell your grandchildren?

(Next time I post, I will continue with the organisation topics as promised!)


Frugal Down Under said...

I also get asked why I bother. Or I'm seen as the slightly weird one in my office job.

People will wake up when it's too late.

A wonderful full length movie is available to watch FREE on You Tube. "Earth". Devastatingly beautiful and heartbreaking. However it was sponsored by Big Popular (unethical?) Companies and has a hollywood narrator. Are they concerned too???

mollymakesdo said...

If nothing else I see the world we live in as a gift, and I was taught that the best way to show appreciation for a gift was to say "thank you" often and treat the item received with care and respect.

Mickle in NZ said...

I feel such encouragement from this post. Please accept my sincere thanks for your sharing this,

Michelle (and my senior rescued feline, Zebby Cat) - sending our care and many huggles

Amish Stories said...

Thought id say hello from Amish Country. Richard

Joanne said...

I will tell them, "In those days, I did what I could to be a good tenant on Earth. I tried to be respectful and thoughtful. I did my best to 'keep a simple eye' and 'be content with sustenance and covering'. It wasn't always easy as there were so many other influences."
I will tell them that at no time did I 'put my trust in earthling whom it does not belong even to direct his steps.' After all, humans had millenia to try all kinds of human governments but none were able to satisfy the true needs of the people or to protect the earth and the animals from exploitation.
I will tell them that I was privileged to tell others what was about to occur and then to live through the end of that old system and to see the wondrous way in which the Landlord, the Creator, 'brought to ruin those ruining the earth'- greedy commerce, corrupted religion and failed human governments.
I will hug my grandchildren and we will go out into our beautiful paradise garden together.
All citations are from the Bible.

Well, you asked! ;)

Bel said...

What a wide variety of responses! Thank you all for sharing...