Thursday, 20 October 2011

Handmade 'Manly' Gifts

By Amanda of Amanda Brooke

Christmas is on my mind, being not so far away and our plans with family have commenced with decisions on who is hosting Christmas and what each of us will contribute in the way of food for the day. We also have our youngest son's 1st birthday to plan and arrange around Christmas will be busy this year!

I started making gifts some weeks ago for nephews and our children. It will be a mostly handmade Christmas this year and although my partner and I do not normally exchange gifts I wanted to make him something too. But what to make the man in your life that's practical and unique? Finding ideas for handmade gifts for men is challenging. Much harder than locating ideas for women and children, so I did some research and this is what I have come up with...

...handmade handkerchiefs made from quilting fabric and backed with an upcycled flannel nappy. I must admit that I would never have thought to 'make' hankies, but with a tissue ban in our house recently taking place, they will definitely be used.

The idea came from Amanda Blake Soule's, The Rhythm of Family, book. You can make a hanky bag to store your hankies in too, making them accessible to the entire family. I will make one of these later.

Team the hankies with a handmade wallet and I think this is a great 'manly' gift that is practical and sure to be appreciated. I am making these for our nephews.

Some other ideas that I like:

Map coasters and Felt Slippers on Martha Stewart. What I like most about the coasters are that you can use maps of favourite holiday or trip destinations to make them even more personal.

A bin bag for the car at A Spoonful of Sugar.

Here is one for children to get involved with, a personalised daddy cam from Alphamom.

A laptop cover from Sew Mama Sew. This cover is probably one of the sturdiest looking handmade covers that I have ever seen.

Do you have any handcrafted ideas for the men in your life to add to this list? Have you started making gifts for Christmas too?

Amanda x


Heather Woollove said...

What wonderful ideas!! I especially love the wallet tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing!
Here's a 'manly gift' idea for those who would like to try making handmade felt:

Winter said...

Awesome. The wallet idea is so cool. I would love to get my guys to use hankies rather than rolls and rolls of TP...I will have to see what the concensus is here. Thanks for the ideas :) I will have to hunt down one to share

Sarah in Indiana said...

I had success with a gift I made for my 29 year old, single brother, who was highly skeptical of homemade gifts. I made him a painting for his birthday. It wasn't super handmade as I bought the canvas, but you could do something similar on scrap wood, or frame some cardboard, or paint over a thrift store painting. Anyway, I'm no artist; I painted a quotation from a favorite TV show. Quotes from books, movĂ­es or song lyrics would be great choices. My brother loved it, and has requested another for Christmas. Here's the painting:

My dad and husband both love hand knit socks. The ”through his stomach” rout e might be a hit for some men, like a sweet of the month club, with cookies, pies, or cakes. Perhaps homemade beer or cheese.

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

I have a scarf in progress for my husband, who spends a lot of time working outside in chilly weather. Gifts of time are good too--certificates to share an activity with him that he enjoys more than you, for instance.

Sharon said...

Good post. I agree, coming up with handmade gifts for our men can be a little challenging at times. My friend just made her hubby a large tote bag out of a deer corn bag to keep his camo's in for deer season. She lined the edges and handle with a dark green manly color and he loved it.

mollymakesdo said...

Simple knit hats and "trigger" fingerless gloves have been a big hit in our family for the men.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Thanks so much for linking! Love your ideas - it is always a challenge when making handmade gifts for men.

Michelle J said...

Knitted earflap hats are always a hit with the fellas in our family. It lets them channel their inner Elmer Fudd, I guess. ;)