Thursday, 29 December 2011

Upycling Christmas Cards

by Amanda of Amanda Brooke

I receive Christmas cards, as do my children from their friends, despite the fact that we rarely send cards ourselves. There are many ways to recycle your received cards and I started up-cycling mine yesterday into decorations for the tree next year.

Start by cutting 8 circles from your card fronts. They can be any size (larger circles are easier to handle for small children).

Trace a triangle shape with equal sides, that fits neatly (with the points against the edges of your circle shape) and cut out.

Trace around the triangle onto the back of each circle and fold the drawn edges towards the printed side of the circles.

Start matching the folded edges together (see image above) and join with glue or use double sided tape. Join two sets of four circles together and then join the two halves.

Leave a small opening at one end to thread a knotted piece of string through so the paper ball can be hung.

Easy, whimsical and a great way to up-cycle your cards! This is also a simple enough project for kids get involved in these school holidays.

Hope readers here had a lovely Christmas and I will back writing on my blog later this week.



Xa Lynn said...

We have those hanging from our chandelier in the dining room, made a few years ago from cards received then. They got kind of squashed in their box this past year though - time to make some new ones!

Xa Lynn

WeldrBrat said...

Girlie! I love it!!! Thanks for sharing!

Terra said...


Angela said...

Cute project! I had a coworker who cut all her cards in half and every Tuesday night at work, she would type a postcard message to each of her kids at college and send them as postcards. Both probably work better with traditional cards rather than the family photo montages that have become so popular.

Sarah said...

What a great idea. How very clever, and not to mention cute. Thank you for sharing.


sawn48 said...

I have used older cards in the same way. Now I am making name tags for future gifts, using up bits and pieces of the old cards. I posted on that topic,just recently. I love finding new uses for things that are no longer needed, rather than discarding them.

owlfan said...

When I was a kid, I made paper chains for the tree each year from the previous years cards. Perhaps simpler for smaller children, though I really like your ball ornaments.

trashmaster46 said...

I used to use the previous year's cards (ours and collected from co-workers and friends) as the next year's holiday postcards - I just cut the front off, wrote a short message, and sent them on their way. It was a neat way to have a wide variety of designs. I remember getting really bored with writing up and sending out a big box of all the same design. It was more fun to try to match fronts of cards with the personalities of the recipients.

Amee said...

What a great idea plus great idea to keep the kids happy

kooger said...

Cute ideas. I have another but don't know if I can describe it well. Is there a way to post pics on this thread? (obviously I'm new...)

Winter said...

I use our old cards to make new fronts for our flip up advent calandar each year. Usually I will cut out shapes for the calandar, but this year I decided to use the whole card fronts and the whole wall for the calandar. It was very cool. This is a neat idea too. I think it could work with alot of things. I have a friend who has been sending me cards for years, she is so kind and thoughtful and I have considered making her a kind of scrapbook with some of them to show her how much they have meant to me. I think I will use this idea instead. That way I can make her a set of ornaments out of them and she can have them for Christmas every year. Kudos! thanks for sharing :)