Thursday, 15 December 2011

Handmade gift tags

by Amanda of Amanda Brooke

I started making handmade gift tags for our Christmas gifts today and I savored the break from the housework to do something creative and fun for Christmas. First up were labels for the Worcestershire sauce that I have made for gifting- recipe here.

I punched out shapes and stamped my labels, using bakers twine to attach each label to the bottle. If you don't have punches or stamps simply cut out your own unique shapes and hand make the labels or you can print labels off the internet. I love these FREE vintage/handmade style ones here at the Black Apple.

I also made some gift tags for wrapped gifts for nephews, using images from a damaged children's 'Golden Book' and a scallop punched circle. You can use luggage tags or your own handcrafted labels to make these. I machine sewed the circle to the scallop, but you can use glue or double sided tape.

These aren't the simplest or even most earth friendly ideas, but I just used what I had on hand and we have a good supply of scrap booking and stamping supplies, so it makes sense for me to use these rather than buying store bought tags.

Some other items you can use to make tags is to up-cycle Christmas cards, use natural foliage like dry berries and leaves, kids drawings, photo's and artwork. Attach using kitchen string, scrap yarn, twine, glue or tape. I'll get the kids involved over the weekend and see what other ideas we come up with!

Are you making gift tags this year? What materials are you using to make yours?

Amanda x


kirsten said...

i made birdseed ornaments for the neighbors and coworkers this year, hung them with twine and then used a cookie cutter to trace tags out of old christmas cards... they turned out really nicely, and i had everything on hand for the project except the gelatin.

project found here:

I did bells instead of hearts for both the ornaments and the tags.

{ T G L } said...

Really cute! :)

This Good Life

Erin said...

Birch bark makes lovely tags!

Grumbleweed Studios said...

I am going to make Lino prints. I am going to do an out line of a tree like a cherry bossom and cut so the tree itself will be printed green and red. Better get onto it. I was also thinking of doing lotus christmas cards in lino prints as well.

Anonymous said...

Growing up, it was usually just a folded over piece of the wrapping paper - write on the white side and tape it on the package. Just this month, I got a paper cutter at a yard sale and have been whacking up some old Christmas cards - it's really fun. They're not as fancy as yours, but still pretty cool.

brenda from arkansas