Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Making Broth a Habit

by Throwback at Trapper Creek

Being almost done with the holiday eating season, I figured an article about broth would timely. We can all use a few health giving and cleansing eating habits, not just to deal with holiday food overload, but everyday.

I've found in my kitchen that upping the nutrition level in foods can achieved easily by using more broth in place of water during the cooking process. This adds flavor to sometimes bland foods, broadens their appeal and makes food easier to digest.

In our household we go through about 7 - 8 quarts of broth or stock a week. What triggered all this was my husbands autoimmune problems. He needs every calorie to count, so all his meals and snacks need to be nutrient dense. I first had to attack this problem by making more broth and stock. What was an occasional foray in the kitchen with the results committed to the dungeon of the freezer became a weekly habit. I rarely freeze any broth and if I have any leftover, I can it so it is shelf stable and convenient. But for the most part I devote space in the refrigerator for the weekly broth. If it's there, I use it, and it's an added incentive to use it before it gets old.

We use broth for:

Soups and stews.

Hot broth for a quick pick-me-up on a cold day, or to begin the day.

Braising vegetables, or for adding a dash of liquid to stir fry.

Cooking grains.

How do you incorporate broth into your cooking?


deborah evans said...

I always use broth for cooking brown rice and for making mashed potatoes and boiling pasta. Much more flavorful than using water.

Happy new year!

Oya's Daughter said...

Lots and lots of soup, which I enjoy quite often.

Anonymous said...

I love homemade broth but have never canned it. After buying the fresh vegies and chicken, I didn't think it would be that economical to do so. Would love to have it handy in the fridge though. Thanks for the idea!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Great article :) :) I have an autoimmune condition called ulcerative proctitis..a minor form of colitis. I started the GAPS diet not too long ago and it's really helping. One of the big thing's is homemade broths...chicken, beef, fish...I love the chicken broth. It's so easy to make and it's like magic for the gut :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

mainely stitching said...

I have a number of ageing laying hens, so it's great to read about uses for broth beyond the obvious chicken soup. :)

trashmaster46 said...

I've just recently started making broth/stock with any regularity. And by "regularity", I mean whenever we have the materials for it around, which we don't always. But I'm getting better about saving bones (including training the other cooks in the house to save them) and better about saving vegetable ends (carrot tops, celery leaves, and whatnot) till I'm ready to make stock. We don't pressure can anything just yet so it's also got to be at a time I have room in the freezer. Right now, the big lesson I need to learn is to freeze it containers that are more serving-size than whatever large jar will hold it all!

Mrs. Santos said...

We use broth for leftovers. Whatever I have leftover from enchiladas to spaghetti, to meatballs and mashed potatoes...I add broth and make it into a soup. It's great.

Anonymous said...

I froze a huge amount of turkey broth after Thanksgiving. I just learned how to make Italian Wedding Soup and it is fabulous with the homemade broth. And @ de, I really like the idea of using it to cook brown rice.

brenda from arkansas

Fleecenik Farm said...

The book Nourish Traditions has some great things to say about broth. I also save bits of apple, carrot ends, swiss chard stems, kale stems, celery greens in the freezer and throw them into the pot when I make stock. I add a little something acid like vinegar or lemon juice to draw out the extra minerals in the bones of what ever beast I ma makeing stock from.

Joanne said...

Mmmm, nothing like the aroma of a pot of broth simmering down on the stove! I do freeze mine into 2-cup and 4-cup portions. Mostly use it for soup but I should use it for rice more often. I'm feeling the need for an immunity boost at the moment; this is a good reminder to make and use more broth.