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Monday, January 23, 2012

Frugal AND Creative

by Megan @ The Byron Life

One of the surprise learning curves for me since making a commitment to living more frugally has been how neatly it fits with my passion for creativity. 

 I am a writer, a photographer, a crafter and former art student and I truly enjoy creating things; either for functionality or simply for the pure love of the creative process.

It may come as a surprise to you if, like I once did, you see the term frugal as being one of lack, or deprivation, to instead discover a whole new world of richness can open up when you take a simpler, greener path.

The old saying necessity is the mother of invention could have been coined for the frugal life (and probably was!) as the more you look at frugal, less consumer-driven ways of living, the more creative you will become.  Even if you don’t see yourself as very creative.

Creating from scratch instead of buying new; using recycled materials to fill a need; growing and preserving foods; mending and re-using – these are just some ways in which the frugal life meets the creative desire in me, and with each act a new sense of accomplishment presents itself. 

The frugal life is a creative life, and a richly creative one at that.

Yesterday we were at a friend’s house for a BBQ lunch and I photographed her very clever recycled BBQ and thought it would be ideal to share in this blog post with you.

The BBQ is so simple and creative: a hole dug in the earth which is then lined (rather artistically, I reckon) with two layers of second-hand brick pavers. The BBQ hot plate has been welded from reclaimed metal grills and plate my friends found at the local waste re-use depot. It has “legs” on either end that are attached with a hinge so that you can lower the BBQ hotplate closer to the heat, if required.

How clever, simple, green, frugal, and creative is that?

It cost very little, was not hard to construct (although I might have to get help with the welding part, digging a hole and laying bricks is well within my capabilities), I love the earthy look of it and... it works!

As we cooked over this fire yesterday, it felt very much like being around a camp fire – and I loved that feeling of relaxed socialising. 

Do you have any examples of how frugal living meets creativity? (I bet you do!)




The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

My husband and his friend made a barbecue each out of a steel oil drum cut in half

Jen R said...

lov that bbq...very clever! Just got a sewing machine and have recovered some old chairs, going to make some placemats and cushion covers out of the left over material and teach my girls to alter their clothes :)

LindaG said...

Looks great. Thanks for sharing the idea with us.

Karen said...

I find a way to upcycle almost everything that would normally be thrown out. Toilet paper tubes become seed planters, trashed clothing becomes scrap fabric. And I avoid buying anything that's supposed to be used once and then thrown out. For example, I carry an old wedding favor in my purse to use as a towel in public restrooms:

claudia said...
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Frugal Down Under said...

I blogged about this myself just a few days ago.

I was never creative always too busy and felt I didn't have any talents.

Going eco-frugal has meant making from scratch, gardening and making gifts by repurposing old stuff. It's a wake up, it's exciting, it's calming and it makes me feel good to be creative.

It's like this dormant part of being a human has awoken inside me.