Thursday, 26 January 2012

Naturally caring for kids teeth

by Amanda of Amanda Brooke

In recent months our youngest son has had his wee baby teeth cleaned with a clean damp cloth. Last week he took the next step up to a junior size toothbrush and toothpaste. It is an exciting time as he explores the new sensation of flavoured paste and a brush being stuck in his mouth with bristles on it!

You can start cleaning your children's teeth from the time that the first teeth start arriving. You might like to start by using a clean, damp (I dampen with cooled boiled water) cloth and then try a small age appropriate toothbrush or a silicone finger brush.

We are using toothbrushes that have a biodegradable handle. You simply break off the head and throw that in the rubbish and the handle can be thrown in the compost.

I am keeping Ben's toothbrush and pastes separate from the older kids brushes. I air dry the brush and then store it in an airtight container. I wrapped the top of a jar in kitchen string to 'spruce' it up a little and everything is together and neat when we finish brushing.

Our toothpaste is one I grew up with - 'Jack n Jill' - which still comes in the great flavours it used to. It is made from organic ingredients and is safe to use from 6 months of age.

Whilst some may view these items as expensive compared to some of the readily bought supermarket brands I feel good about choosing to buy these organic and recyclable items as they are both good for my children's health and the environment! I am not sure about using homemade oral care products on children....this is something I'd like to look more into!

Starting good oral care habits early is important for your child's health. What products do you use for your family? Have you thought about using organic toothpaste, making your own or using compostable brushes?

Amanda x


Treasures Evermore said...

I have never heard of Jack and Jill here in Canada. But anything organic is wonderful. Need to look and see what kind they have for our grandson who is almost nine months and still no teeth{smile}.

I have read in multiple articles and been told by dentists everywhere that putting baking soda in any kind of toothpaste is bad. It slowly over time takes the enamel off of teeth...and when people are older their teeth start to break very easily.

But I have no recipes that don't have baking soda in them. I should do more research I guess.

Great post.

Dea-chan said...

That's a great article that says something very similar to what Treasures Evermore said. The author of the article was making homemade tooth paste, and her dentist father gave a thorough review of why she shouldn't.

He did say that Toms of Maine was a good choice though. They're pretty widely available.

Barbara said...

omg that beautiful baby face. Is that "Ben?" Love the picture...My Ben is 24 years old.....

Anonymous said...

I also brushed my children's teeth everyday until they were old enough to do it themselves & taught them how to floss. Dental appointments started early & were regular. When each of the three left home they had yet to experience a first cavity.