Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New Skills

Posted by Bel
from Spiral Garden

Last year, I wrote about reskilling here.  And just this week I was thinking that reskilling really is a way of life for us now.  We're actively learning to do new things all the time.
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Some of the things I have learned to do in the past year or so:
- different ways to grow sprouts
- making toothpaste and other personal care products
- cooking more sauces (like worcestershire, chilli)
- cooking with various cuts of beef
- making feta cheese with jersey milk
- using the food dehydrator for various things
- treating sick animals with natural remedies

It's amazing how much we can do just by learning a handful of skills each year!

I'd like to learn how to plaster fibro walls, grow potatoes more successfully, catch a fish in the creek (will get my boys to take me fishing), build a trellis, grow more legumes to use as dried beans, dig up my sweet potatoes at the right time, make hard cheese...

What skills have you learned recently?  What would you like to learn this year?


LindaG said...

My dad taught me how to fish when I was little. Just remember, it's fishing, not catching; so don't get discouraged if nothing is biting. :)

There are so many skills I would like to learn I don't know where to start.
1. How to paint neatly.
2. How to do things with wood.
3. knit
4. crochet
5. Really mend clothes
6. make bread that I'm really happy with and that my hubby likes, too.
7. Learn how to propagate worms and make compost.
8. Preserve food.
9. Homeopathy to replace drugs.
10. raise my own food to get rid of all the hormones they say are safe, but that I know are really responsible for all the weight and health problems.
11. How to shoot better.

I'm know there are a ton more things, but I am sure that's enough for now.
Any idea how, other than reading all the blogs I read, I go about learning all these things?

Good luck to you, too!

Frugal Down Under said...

In the past year I learnt:

To garden with my 1st plot ever.
What a slow cooker is and how to use it.
How to tread more carefully on my earth.
How to sew and craft stuff.

In 2012 I want to learn:

Making yoghurt.
Making ginger beer.
Making Bread.
Making soap.
Make a You Tube film clip.
Real Estate lingo so I can buy a house.
To be a calmer - less stressed person.

Rick said...

The biggest new skill we have learned recently is raising chickens. It has really added to our self reliance skills.

We are also experimenting with growing micro greens.

Up next I want to learn to make pickles, grow heirloom tomatoes and save seeds.

kirsten said...

In 2011:

- I made jam and canned it for the first time
- I grew cucumbers and made pickles
- I overcame my fear of my sewing machine
- I started composting

In 2012:

- I'd like to bake bread regularly
- I'd like to learn to knit
- I'd like to eliminate processed snack foods from our diet
- I'm having a baby in June so I'd like to have the courage to cloth diaper

Bel said...

What fantastic lists!!! I highly recommend finding people who live near you to learn new skills from. Some things I know, I taught myself, but most of my skills I had a mentor to teach me. The mentor was a friend, family member, my spouse, elderly neighbour, fellow LETS member (grass roots type community groups are full of very skilled people!)... But if you can't find someone, just search online or in a book for step-by-step instructions or a video, and give it a go! Start with something achievable to give you the confidence to move on to the next skill...

From these lists, perhaps myself and fellow co-op bloggers can share some of our knowledge too!

Best wishes to you all with these lists.

Molly Makes Do said...

Last year was a great year, and there's so much more to learn!
1) Had our first garden and ate quick a bit from it.
2) Composted for the first time
3) Learned to make and can jams and pickles ... just to name a few

This year
1) More canning - finding a good mix of items we'll really use and can give as gifts
2) More container gardening and a little bit of raised beds (getting to know the new home)
3) More and better composting
4) Refocus on recycling
5) Homemade detergents and cleaners
6) Would love to make contacts for more homegrown produce, meat and eggs

That post last year was one of my favorites!

Bel said...

Thanks Molly! It's great to hear what everyone's planning to learn, and has already acomplished! A lot of these skills were at risk of being forgotten by our culture, as there's a whole generation of people who don't bother with the DIY thing... Good on you all! And thanks for commenting!