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Friday, February 3, 2012

Lifestyle Transitions

by Sadge, at Firesign Farm
A wry smile crept across my face as I read my co-writer Aurora's post, immediately preceding my day to write. I have a comfortable morning routine, honed over many years. Or had, shall I say? My husband, transitioning into retirement, now has put everything into disarray.

Many of the same things still get done: breakfast cooked, dishes washed, a load of laundry started, bed fluffed and made up. And sometimes, now it's even him doing some of those things, so I really can't complain (although I do prefer he stay away from the laundry - and I do speak from experience).

But some things have changed too. He's an early riser, so I find my day now tends to start earlier too. I usually read the newspaper as my breakfast muffins or oats are cooking - he has the paper. I take my mid-morning cup of tea in to check my email - he's on the computer. I go to vacuum the living room - he's watching something on television. My late-afternoon walks with the dog are now more likely to take place much earlier, and now there are three of us. Dinner plans now are a topic for discussion instead of up to my discretion.

Spending patterns are in flux right now too. My grocery list has changed - he's now eating lunch at home instead of at work. And I had to reinforce that idea too. We'd often go out to lunch on his day off. But now that every day is his day off, that pattern needs to be broken. He's now readjusting to fixing and eating lunches at home most of the time.

Most of our household bills will remain the same, but we're still waiting to see about car use and gasoline expense. He's not commuting to work, but with more time to spend together we are getting out and about, doing things together. It's a good thing I do so enjoy his company.

As he said a couple of days ago, his "accumulation" phase is now ending. Now we're looking at how to start using the funds we've saved up for this time, and how far we need to plan ahead. Neither of us is quite old enough for government health care. Without the company health insurance, we're going to have to shop for our own coverage for the time being. Not constrained by corporate dictates of who we can see, we'll probably re-examine our health care providers - perhaps changing dentists, optometrists, and doctors.

We've saved and planned for this day - but it's always been "someday." Now that it's here, it's going to take the both of us a bit of time to readjust.


LindaG said...

I hear you.
We're almost there ourselves.

Have a good weekend!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I'm no where close to retiring... My father could retire. We're both looking for jobs...but all that to say, is that we've had to adjust to a "new" normal...and we've been making adjustments...making all meals at home, looking for new used stuff etc. I really enjoyed your post!!! Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

Treasures Evermore said...

We are not close to retiring...but the years are ticking. We are so busy adopting children that it keeps us young I guess. LOL.


Curvywitch said...

Sadge, I think I know a little of what you mean. After years of living very happily alone, my man has just moved in with me and some of my beloved routines have gone out the window. no more leisurely reading the paper over coffee on a Saturday morning - instead we're up and out for a walk. But the joy of having him around far outweighs not knowing which cupboard he's put the saucepan back in. :-)

Anonymous said...

I completely understand. I hope you blog about this subject too. It is a very big adjustment when you are used to begin alone for 8 hours each day to bumping into each other all day! :) Lets face it life as we knew it is over. Now it is up to us to remake life together and yet have some of the special things each of you individually need in your lives too. We are still working on it! :) :) I am going to your blog now... Sarah