Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Garage Sale

by Amanda of Amanda Brooke

We've been de-cluttering and sorting through our home in recent weeks in preparation for a garage sale. With the attitude that if we don't use it or need it there is a pile of unwanted goods in one corner of our living room growing bigger in size as the weeks go by. Any items we don't want to try and recoup some money from we have donated to local opportunity stores. It's a messy time for us, but very cleansing too!

I posted a link to a website I discovered last week on my Facebook business page for the National Garage Sale Trail. (You can click on the image to be taken to the website) I was impressed by this concept in that it involves the entire nation, promotes selling of goods instead of throwing things into landfill and I thought it would be a good incentive to set a date for ours and become involved. Our local shire is participating and they are providing a list of sales registered with the event in our local area.

One lovely reader of my Facebook page interestingly commented that she believed that the 'Garage sale' was 'dying' and that online selling was replacing them. I was surprised by this as the garage sale is alive and well in our local area with some 10 to 20 listings each week in the classifieds of our local paper. Whilst I agree that online selling is popular and Garage sale numbers may lessen over the years I just couldn't imagine them being a thing of the past. Then I started to wonder is it a reflection of the areas we live in or am I personally worried as I love the community feel of a garage sale and don't want to see their numbers diminishing? Are garage sales less common in more suburban areas? Are they more popular in 'country' areas? Are younger generations more keen to sell online than host a sale? Am I alone in that I love a garage sale...having a good rummage...learning about the history of an item from the original owner...and would prefer to view items before purchase and not have to 'bid' for them? Do local councils make it too difficult to hold sales?

I would really love to hear from readers here from all over the world. In relation to your community do you feel that garage sale/yard sale numbers are diminishing and do you imagine that they will lessen as the years go by to be replaced by online selling?

Amanda x


LindaG said...

There are always a lot of garage sales around here. The local talk station lets people list them for free (they have a talk and trade on several mornings in the area).

And there are a lot of flea markets around here, too. Especially in the summertime. :o)

quinn said...

One warm Saturday is all it takes to start Tagsale Season in my neck of the woods, and it doesn't stop completely til the snow flies. Lots of "benefit" tag sales as well...animal shelters, churches, community programs, etc.

Freecycle is VERY big in these parts, but there still seem to be plenty of folks ready to buy and sell.
(New England, USA)

The warm fireplace said...

Have only seen very few here in bedfordshire but norfolk always seems to have alot of garage sales, i think the car boot is more popular.
Sue (UK)

Stacey said...

We've signed up and are going through the house! Though we do already sell items on a local online garage sale : )

Xa Lynn said...

The economy is so bad here in Michigan, with so many people out of work, there are folks who have perpetual garage sales - every weekend, rain or shine. I don't think that's going to stop anytime soon.

Xa Lynn

Dea-chan said...

My hometown had a town-wide garage sale every year. And in the Boston area, there are often people hosting garage sales, as people move so often, it's much easier to sell things rather than move unwanted objects. (I've moved 7 times in the past 5 years -- and I've been in the same place for over a year now, which is my record.)

Unknown said...

There are many happening every weekend in my town, but where my in-laws live, the local council does a twice yearly "clean up" where people just put their unwanted items out the front of their house and the council takes it to the "tip". We are amazed to see perfectly good items being sent to landfill and we hardly ever see Garage sales in their town.

Evelyn in Canada said...

Garage Sales here in Alberta have never really waned. They are going strong. The biggest change is that many sales start on Thursday nights already and by Saturday the good stuff is all taken. Also, they've made it free to have sales (you used to have to get a temp. business license) so many people have become "professional" sellers and have a sale every weekend. They must replenish their stock on Thursday sales and then mark them up. That's annoying.