Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Stalwart Kale

by Throwback at Trapper Creek

Kale is the new black it seems in the vegetable gardening world. Not just for garnishing the salad bar anymore, kale has found its way into many dishes and can be a stand alone side dish.

I like it for its hardiness in the garden too; in our climate kale survives throughout the winter, and can become perennialized if you have the space to leave it be. From tender leaves for salad, to hardy braising greens, and finally raab in the spring for a broccoli-like treat. A vegetable that produces many meals from one tiny seed is pretty amazing!

Urban gardeners take heart, the beautiful colors and shapes of the various types of kale make it a great decorative plant for fitting in beds amongst non-edibles too.

Easier to grow and more productive than spinach, the recipe possibilities are endless from lasagna florentine to kale chips, you choose.

For a good selection of kale seeds of all shapes and colors my go-to seed company is Wild Garden Seeds. You can select specific types or the Wild Garden Kale mix for a grab bag effect in the garden.

Plant kale - you can't go wrong!


Jane said...

We are loving growing kale for the first time! It grew easily from seed and every morning we add several leaves to our 'breakfast shake' with fruit, oats etc. Such an easy way to get our greens daily. Good to know it should keep growing for some time.

basil seeds said...

Easily for them to grow. Right fermentation give good results.

Sadge said...

I wish I could over-winter kale, but my winter winds are just too drying without snow cover; the cold snaps too cold. I have had it survive inside a straw bale cold frame, but so did the aphids - they thrived to the point that I gave that up too.