Tuesday, 14 October 2008

greetings from new england, usa

Beauty That Moves
When Rhonda first invited me to join this group of writers I was admittedly surprised. I am by no means an authority on the global economy, greenhouse gasses, successful composting or alternative energy. After I stopped being my own worst critic however, I realized that although I am not an authority on any of these subjects singularly, I am a fellow traveler of simple living, and I am painfully aware.

When I was sixteen I wrote in a journal, “When I grow up I want to live in a little house in the country and grow peppermint.” Today I am thirty six and live in the city, our home is an Arts and Crafts Bungalow, it is beautiful and charming but larger than a house needs to be and sits on a 1/4 acre of very shady property which makes vegetable gardening a challenge. But we've begun trying and have had surprising and satisfying success! My teenage dream is still alive, and is thankfully shared by my husband and daughter. We are currently planning our escape from the city. If all goes as we hope, this exodus will take place in 1 1/2 years. In the meantime, I strive to keep the home fires burning in a way that encourages stability, nurturing, thrift, and respect toward the earth and each other.

How are you doing? Do you see the current state of affairs in the world as a glass half full opportunity? I have to admit I do, many of my friends do as well. I live in the USA and nobody in the world consumes or wastes more than we do. Many of us feel that it's about time things got a little difficult, that people begin thinking twice before using gas to make yet another unnecessary trip to the mall. Life is full of challenges at the moment, but it is also full of exciting opportunities. World economists and leaders say we better hang on, it’s going to get a whole lot worse. Now is the time to learn to do for ourselves, why did we ever look elsewhere?

This website will build quickly and is about to become a powerful resource for your home, family, community, independence, finances and life. The contributing writers have been chosen to offer cultural, generational, and gender diversity. But we all share a common bond of striving every day to live more simple, green, and frugal lives.

As humans, we have become so disconnected from nature, have lost the ability to take care of ourselves, and are dependent on too many outside sources for our family's needs. I can’t make any promises to teach you great things, but I will share what my own family is doing to improve our quality of life, to do more for ourselves, and to lighten the footprint we leave behind. Hopefully we’ll have a few successes along the way that will be inspiring to others.

I very much look forward to my time here.