Sunday, 12 October 2008

Intro and what I hope to write about

Firstly, THANK YOU Rhonda for starting this blog. I look forward to reading everyone's contributions.

For those who do not know me, my name is Eilleen and I write Consumption Rebellion. That blog started out as a record of my journey to not buy anything brand new from September 2006 to September 2007. While I learnt many thing during that year, perhaps one of the most important lessons was the part *my* consumer habits play in exploiting other people, the environment and our economy. This came as a shock to me and now I am on a journey to try and become a better and more ethical consumer (practising what I like to call "joyful consumption").

When I tell this to people, most of assume that this involves spending "lots of money" on ethical items. The thing though, is that I've learnt that by living frugally and simply, then I am more in control of my consumption and that what I save means that I can now live and consume within my own values.

Having said that, there are times though, when I still not find it easy. Readers of my personal blog would know that I have recently undergone a life change - the biggest impact in terms of my consumption habit is that I am now living on 1/4 of my previous income. I am finding a part of me wanting to give up on consuming ethically, but I do realise its just a matter of adjustment. I've taken heart from the advice from and encouragement of the other writers of this blog, and other writers everywhere and I *do* believe it is possible to still consume within my own values.

So what I'd like to write here is about consuming ethically on a limited income. Having said that, I have a feeling I'll be spending most of my time reading a lot of the articles from the other writers here so that I can achieve my goals.

So thank you once again Rhonda and I look forward to reading and discussing more!

Consumption Rebellion