Monday, 20 October 2008

Joyful Consumption

by Eilleen
Consumption Rebellion

I thought I'd share a post I wrote on 2 January this year. :)


The New Year almost always compels me to reflect and re-define myself. I have been reflecting on my initial ideas regarding my own consumption habits and something has struck me - that 2007 was a great period of turmoil for me in terms of changing my consumption habits.

What propelled me to change my consumption habits pretty much stemmed from negative reactions. I was disgusted with how much stuff I had. I felt overwhelmed by it all. I was ashamed of how I got my quick "happiness" fix (and was it really happiness?). So there you go, Consumption Rebellion (and hence, [my personal] blog) arose out of:



It just goes to prove that negative emotions *are* good in that they built and built inside me until I was finally jolted out of my mindless consumption.

Having said that, I don't think negative emotions are good for me in the long term. There is something wearying about them and eventually its just a lot easier to give up the "rebellion". True change only happens when you are joyfully running TO something instead of desparately running AWAY from something.

The first time I coined the term "joyful consumption" in [my personal] blog was on the 14th of November 07. Reading back, I could see I kinda did it flippantly... the phrase, is mentioned in the second last line of that post. However, as flippant as it sounded back then, coining that term marked a very significant milestone in my journey. It was the day when my rebellion found its direction. It had taken me a good 1 year and 2 months to get there, but *finally* I am now running towards something.

So just to concrete that term in my own mind, here is what I think Joyful Consumption is:

- it is about being aware of the impacts of what I consume, and this gives me *FREEDOM* to choose only what I need;

- it is about surrounding myself with products that were created and sold with joy, and this gives me the feeling of *STABILITY* because I know that the care they have put into their products means that it will last longer;

- it is about re-using and reconstructing products in a creative and authentic way, and this gives me *FAITH IN MYSELF*.

So 2008 will be the year, where I can finally base my consumption habits on:


faith in myself

...wish me luck!