Thursday, 16 October 2008

make your own pouch

Posted by Heather
Beauty That Moves
With the holidays on the horizon, many of us may be looking for a few gift making ideas. Here is a post pulled from my craft archives, written last winter. Making things for myself and my family (for everday and for gift giving) is becoming more and more of a priority, likely it is for you too. I hope you will be seeing a lot of this sort of thing from me... I made myself a little something the other day. It isn't much but it was one of those things born out of necessity and completed start to finish in under an hour. I have many things to share from the holidays still, gifts that were handmade by us and by others, but I still have no photos of most of those things. For now I revel in the quiet of January in a south facing bedroom flooded with passive solar heat...
It was so simple . Would you like to make one?

- Cut out two wool felt rectangles, one being 1 1/2 inches longer than the other. Mine were 3.5 in x 6.5 in and 3.5 in x 5 in. You could adjust the size as you'd like for your pouch. Just be sure to cut one rectangle 1.5 inches longer for the flap.

- Place them on top of one another and from the top corner where the shorter piece meets the longer one, start blanket stitching your little heart away. Go around the entire case finishing where you began. If you work with embroidery floss (3 strands) a little bit longer than arms length you should be able to go all the way around without running out, if you use the measurements I've given here.

- Choose a button that is approximately 1/2 inch. Make a button whole by snipping with very sharp and pointy scissors the right size opening on the extra length of the bottom felt rectangle. Better to start a tad small and make it bigger if needed. You could blanket stitch around the button whole if you'd like, I did not.

- Find the placement for your button that works for the hole you've made and stitch it on.

You're done! Time to test out your pouch and happily admire your work! Children like making this project also. Wonderful for hiding and protecting important treasures.

I hope somebody out there enjoys making this simple craft, the blanket stitching alone makes it worth it.

I love the meditative aspect of blanket stitching.