Monday, 13 October 2008

A Passion For Organic Gardening

What a blessing it is to be a part of this new co-operative blog. Thank you Rhonda! I too believe that this site will provide many inspirations to all of us who desire simple and frugal living.

My name is Marc and I've been gardening organically in Kentucky for nearly twenty years. I didn't learn much about gardening as a child, so when I became interested in it as an adult I had to start from scratch. I read every gardening book I could get my hands on and took the classes to become a master gardener. I was surprised that so many books and universities taught more about what chemical to spray for what application than they did about how to grow things naturally.

I wanted to do what I could to change that, so as a master gardener I taught seminars on composting and organic techniques and wrote organic gardening articles for the newspaper. I also learned more by working part time for Gardens Alive (a company that sells organic and "safer" gardening products). That's where I became intensely interested in beneficial insects and the role that insects play in the garden.

It amazes me how little the average person knows about food gardening, and especially about gardening organically. I have always enjoyed helping people see the value of naturally raising some of their own food and have spent many years experimenting in my own garden. With the help of my wife Renee, and our two daughters, we produce a great deal of vegetables and fruit with our small backyard garden. Two years ago I began documenting what worked and what didn't in blog form at That got some of our friends curious and this season we had quite a few visitors to our garden. They always seem surprised when they don't see long rows of vegetables. Our garden looks very different because we use raised beds and vertical trellises.

They are also surprised that everything isn't covered in white dust (Sevin). We do not use any kind of insecticide, nor do we use any chemical fertilizer. We try to keep the garden going as year round as possible with inter cropping and succession planting, and we just built our own hoop greenhouse to help in this even more.

Our friends and family used to think we were just crazy to do all of this, but lately I have had more people ask me questions about how they could learn to do some of it. Faced with tough economic times, people are beginning to see the value of growing their own fruits and vegetables. They are beginning to see the value in budgeting, recycling, cooking at home and all of the things to be covered in this blog. This IS very timely. I can't wait to read everyone's posts and I hope to do my part by sharing some easy organic gardening ideas.

Keep Growing!

- Marc