Monday, 13 October 2008

A simple, green and frugal life....a better life!

I guess I should start with a simple introduction; I am a British woman in my late 20's. I'm a woman who studied hard to get fabulous sought after degrees. I am a woman whose career has taken me across the globe. I'm a woman who realized that isn't what she wants - the education and career are not what my dreams are made of.

I currently live in London UK and am on, what I would call, a downshifting journey. A journey to live a wholesome life that is simple, green and frugal. Right now I'm tied to London but that hasn't stopped me making major changes. I've stopped buying handbags, shoes, clothing, books and magazines. I've stopped spending my weekends indoors at shops, bars and the cinema. I've started living - learning how to cook, learning how to knit. I've given up my car and enjoy public transport and my own two feet, which seem pretty capable of taking me where I need to go! I've slashed my grocery bill by 75% by buying local produce and refusing processed and "easy to make food". I have dreams of moving to the countryside, starting a rabbit rescue, having pet hens and maybe even a goat or two. I dream of a solar oven, producing my own veggies and living off my earth. None of these things will happen today, tomorrow or next week. In the meantime I keep telling myself that life, especially a simple, green and frugal one, is a journey NOT a race!


Notes From The Frugal Trenches