Wednesday, 15 October 2008

wait, don't throw it out yet!

Posted by Heather
Beauty That Moves
Over the next few days I will be moving a small handful of relevant posts from the archives of my other blog. I think most of us are going to do this. This will serve two purposes, it will of course build an immediate and interesting selection of content to this site, as well as offer a deeper glance into the ideas, interests, and personality of each writer.

I find tremendous satisfaction in giving new life to an object that has been cast aside. Often not because the item is used up or broken, but because myself or someone else has simply become bored with it. I dug up a post from my early days of blogging, it represents one of the simplest yet most talked about projects I have ever completed, I hope you enjoy it! You may click on the photo for a closer look.

This easy project was all about making due on less and not missing out in the least.

Looking for an easy and affordable way to transform an ugly but sturdy piece of furniture? This table was once a beechwood dining set circa 1995. I had grown tired of the style and it didn't match our new home at all. When we purchased this house and began renovating, we didn't have an extra $1,000 to replace our dining room with all of the other projects ($$$) going on. I did scrape up about twenty dollars and went to town on this transformation. I printed vintage photos on regular printer paper (not expensive photo paper) of our historic Thread City mill town off of the internet (free), tore the photos so all the edges were tattered looking... broke out the modge podge and secured the photos to table top, wrapping them around the edges... I used an antiquing craft gel across the surface...applied 3 coats of urethane (NOT glossy)...painted the table base and chairs with antique black paint... and I was done!

It always intrigues people and starts conversations. $20! You just can't beat that.