Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Simple Green and Frugal

I got a shock this morning when I read Crunchy Chicken's post and saw on her blog list that a new post had been made here. I'd just read our Heather's lovely post about gifting so I clicked on the link to check out "A time to celebrate", wondering what it was. I was quite taken aback to find the simple green frugal blog, written by another Heather! I wrote her a note apologising for using a name so close to hers for our co-op - she started her blog a long time ago. She was very gracious and said: "Don't be silly. No harm done. So many of us have the same wonderful goals and they seem to center around living a more simple, green and frugal life. I'm happy to share the name with you :)"

So I'd like to introduce Heather's blog to you. She writes about the same things we do. She is mindful, frugal, eating local and visits her farmer's market on her bicycle. Take some time to visit her and say hello when you're there. I've also added Heather to our bloglist. Thanks Heather!