Wednesday, 26 November 2008

What would you like to give?

Beauty That Moves
Greetings! We have unexpectedly been a little quiet here at the co-op... maybe we all needed a minute to pause. A good thing to do as we take stock and prepare for the holidays ahead.

laundry soap kits

Recently when I was reading over at Paul's blog, he wrote something that got me thinking. So often around the holidays the question frequently asked is "what would you like to get?" But Paul suggests we ask ourselves, and each other, "what would you like to give?" Isn't that great!? What a great message for our children.

laundry soap kits

I gave it some thought, and this year I would like to give this gift... a little extra money in my friend's and loved one's pockets, greater health for their families, and respect for our planet. This year I will be giving the gift of do-it-yourself homemade laundry soap.

In our home, we made the decision long ago to switch from the toxic, chemical filled laundry soap from the grocery store to the earth friendly natural variety found at our local food co-op. It wasn't long before I realized that every time I turned around I was spending $10 or more on laundry soap, it's so expensive! We were fortunate to at least purchase it from the bulk bin so we didn't face the excessive packing issue, but I knew it would be better for our budget if I began to make my own. I use Rhonda's recipe with one change, I double the amount of borax and washing soda. I realize it's probably totally unnecessary, but it just makes me feel like it's a little more heavy duty.
laundry soap kit
This detergent works so well, I have absolutely no complaints and I want to share it with the world! Instead, I will be realistic and share it with those that I personally connect with over the holidays. At first I thought I would make the detergent and give it away all bottled up. But how great for people to make it for themselves? I've put all the ingredients in these little kits, including Rhonda's instructions (I was lucky enough to have several bottles of essential oil on hand and those great cellophane bags). These kits will make just about 2 gallons of detergent, and I hope they will also make a few homemakers happy, satisfied, and just a little bit more capable. I also hope they quickly realize the money that is saved, the waste that is reduced, and the healthy benefits for their family and planet.
laundry soap... almost 2 gallons
So this is what I want to give. Not just the homemade soap (which would still be such a lovely gift!), but the skill that goes along with knowing how to do a simple, practical sort of thing for one's self.

What about all of you, are you thinking of the holidays? What would you like to give?