Monday, 16 February 2009

Little Luxuries

Beauty That Moves
What things do you love? Living simply, consuming less, slowing down, these choices are not based on deprivation, they are based on consciousness.

I often feel like I practice some sort of backwards mentality (according to the typical world view, not my own, probably not yours either) when it comes to consuming. I avoid the mall, I don't understand designer handbags or shoes, I will never buy a new car, I prefer smaller homes, apples for apples I will always choose second hand over new... but when it comes to what goes on or inside my body or that of my family... well, that's a different story. Quality matters.


I cook from scratch, make most of our own cleaning supplies, shop from our local farms and food co-op, etc., but let's face it, life is too short for inferior olive oil, and it is just not produced in New England! All of the goodies in the picture above were collected from around the house, and I trust them. I guess that is one of the questions I ask myself when purchasing goods. Do I trust it? Do I trust the company? Do I want to support the company? Does it provide something that I can't provide for myself? Those sort of things... conscious consumption. These little luxuries that I choose to bring into my life, they are not all local and they are not all inexpensive, but they are purchased with awareness and appreciation.

I love this shirt from It could also read Live Like You Give A Damn... or Consume Like You Give A Damn... I guess for me, that's 9/10ths of what this life is all about. Being awake and making deliberate choices. That will play out differently for each of us, and that's okay. The key is that we each find a healthy balance for our own well being, and the well being of our planet. I'm happy to keep a drawer in the kitchen of various sized rags for general clean-up and household use, avoiding the purchase of paper towels.... but you won't find me sitting around on a Saturday night separating 2 ply toilet paper to make it last longer. But that's just me.

There are a few things missing from my photo... Green and Black's dark chocolate, Equal Exchange's Mind, Body and Soul coffee, and my once a month stop to my favorite sushi place. If you were to take a photo of your own little luxuries, what would it include? Maybe it's a high end set of cookware purchased because you know it will last three lifetimes, or the once a year tropical vacation you take to restore peace of mind, for some it might be an indulgence of going to concerts or plays, because spending money on the arts always feels good.

What things do you love and fit into a simple life? We are not judging here, only sharing! :)