Tuesday, 17 March 2009

How Do You Dry Your Ziploc Bags?

Beauty That Moves
I feel like this post is the simplest of simple ideas. So simple in fact, that I feel a little funny sharing it. Is it even post worthy? Well, sure... why not. Sometimes the most basic ideas are the best place to start. And sometimes they are the very things that have been overlooked for too long, put on the back burner to take care of someday. Sometimes we need just the right inspiration/motivation to finally take care of that item on the list... I know I certainly do.

Ziploc bags. Most of us use them for one reason or another, very few of us throw them away. For years I wanted one of those fancy wooden bag drying racks, but never felt like paying the price (they aren't crazy expensive, just not something I didn't want to spend money on). The round design also made me wonder where I would keep the baggie filled rack in my small kitchen. It seemed it would need to sit on the counter, precious space I cannot spare.

So, I asked my husband if he would check out our scrap wood pile for supplies to make us a rack of our own, one that was designed in a rectangular fashion rather than round. It seemed like the most practical place to dry the bags and store the rack was right over the kitchen sink, on the windowsill.

In less than an hour he delivered the rack I had waited years for (it's the little things), to my kitchen. It works perfectly for us, stays out of the way and holds plenty of bags as well as the resident guinea pig's water bottle as it drys. :)

There are of course many other ways to dry ziploc bags... please share a method that is working for you!