Thursday, 5 March 2009

The power of visualizing

Posted by: Paul Gardener
A posse ad esse (From possibility to reality)

Today I thought I'd go a slightly different route than I've gone here before. Maybe it'll give you a little insight into how my head works, maybe it'll just confound you, either way I hope it will begin a bit of dialogue about what's possible and how we can get there...

Right now is one of those trying times for all of us. Many of us have either lost jobs or have close friends and family that have. We can easily see turmoil in the world politics, uncertainty in our financial prospects and chaos beginning with our weather patterns. It's amidst all of this, and in many cases because of all of this, that many of us have made the decision that lead us down a new path. The decision to live a little simpler. To learn to be frugal against all the pressures of the world and to learn a new, greener, way of interacting with the world around us that doesn't add to it's demise. But how can we even imagine making such fundamental changes at a time like this?

I'm of the belief that it's because we have the ability to think positively and to visualize how it is that we want our life to be! In my process if coming to this way of life I learned that whatever it is that I can see in my minds eye I can realize in my life if I only believe completely that I will. So, why do I bother sharing this? What's that got to do with Simple Green Frugal living? Just about everything, that's all.

We are, by our very natures, optimistic people. We plant crops and fruit trees in our hopes for the future. We work to educate ourselves and others because we believe we can do better. We write and share our information so we might foster learning and change. We do these things because we can see the outcomes from them in our mind and best yet, we believe they are attainable if we just make the effort.

That effort is the product of our positive thinking and our changes are the products of our visualizing the end return. After all, how can you ever get anywhere if you have no idea of where it is that you want to go. That, my friends, is why this topic has so much to do for me with Simple Green frugal living.

Write down what your goals are and how you want to see yourself in a week, a month, a year. And be specific, the more details your written version of your goal has, the better the results will be. If you want to be off the grid in five years growing organic produce for the local market from a two acre lot in the 'burbs then write that down. Whether it's in a blog, on a calendar or in a letter to yourself. Write it down and read it regularly. The more you focus on it the more it will manifest itself to you. It's like when you start looking into some new thing, a car for instance, and the more you figure and study and "look into" a particular one, the more you start to them all around you. What our minds focus on, our minds will find. The key is to believe in the goal and to repeat it to ourselves often.

Thanks for indulging me on this folks, and thank you too for being here to be a part of my visualization. You see, every time I write to you about what I do, or how I feel about something, I'm building further my image of how I want to be in this life. With a little time and some effort I believe anythings possible.