Thursday, 19 March 2009

Time to guide the change.

Posted by: Paul Gardener
A posse ad esse (From possibility to reality)

Why is it that we take this time every day to share our thoughts? Is there nothing else that we have to do? Sleep perhaps? Chase kids, plant veggies or tend to chores perhaps? Of course there is, so why do we do it? Maybe we're just egoists? Could it be that we just love to hear ourselves opine on all the wonderful things that we're doing and talk about our successes and such? Or perhaps there's more to it?

Is it possible that so many people take time from their days to share with the world the lessons they've learned and the thoughts they have for a much more benevolent reason? I like to think so. In fact, I'd like to count myself among them.

Many if not all of the writers here, when you read about their journeys to this point, didn't come to it from a position of wanting to start teaching people or to enter into dialogues about the issues we face as a society. They felt compelled to write for some other reason. Perhaps to keep track of their progress, or to keep a journal of their thoughts. Most began as a way of chronicling their evolution from a previous state of disconnection from the world around them. That's a large part of how I started in fact. The thing of it is as we grow, as we move forward and evolve, we take others with us.

My own evolution was greatly influenced by the other reader/writers out there and the things that they were doing. It opened up for me a new way of thinking about what could be done in my life. It inspired me to try new things and in turn I found myself sharing those things with others. A chain had begun.

So what does this have to do with Simple Green Frugal topics right? Everything friends, everything. All that we're doing here is to use a digital means of sharing our thoughts and actions to people around the world. It's really no different than taking time to share some of what your doing with your community and your neighbors. Maybe you could offer to teach someone a few things about natural cleaners or how to start a garden. You'd be amazed at how many people that thought they would never care about this information are really taking a second look. We are in a time of change. A time of change that can only come around once in a generation. It's our duty, I feel, to help guide it to a place where we will all be better off.

So I thought I'd take this opportunity to challenge you to make a commitment to share what you know; to offer your thoughts freely, start a dialogue of your own right in your own backyard. It's great that we all care so much for our children, our planet and our future. Now let's really do something about it and help to guide this time of change.

I wish you all the best in your journeys