Wednesday, 15 April 2009

All Natural Cleaning Supply Basket - As a Gift!

Beauty That Moves
Spring has sprung here in the Northern Hemisphere! I think in my next post I will share a little bit about our vegetable garden attempts on this little urban homestead. You may have noticed most of my writing here at the co-op reflects the simple life within the home. For me, it is important to embrace and work with what I have rather than to ignore simple living until the right plot of land comes along. So I tend to bring a lot of topics from the kitchen, the laundry room, and the craft room. These are the areas where I can make the most difference in the simplicity as well as the vibrancy of our day to day living.

This time of year always seems to bring with it many invitations to gatherings that gift giving is a part of. It always makes me feel so conflicted. While it is wonderful to give something special, I have a really difficult time with the stuff that takes over these sort of occasions. As I was restocking my own cleaning supplies over the weekend, I thought... what a lovely Bridal Shower, Birthday, or Mother's Day gift a homemade, all natural cleaning supplies basket would be!

Now, I know you are all a pretty easy audience, each of you would be thrilled with such a gift! But what about other people? Not everyone spends their afternoon searching the web for green and frugal living ideas, hard to believe but true! Here's what I think... I think people from all walks of life are waking up. I think even your girlfriend with her weekly pedicures, who has the perfect haircut and correct handbag is becoming tired of overspending, over consuming and exposing loved ones to harsh chemicals. I think such a person would actually appreciate the help in getting started on this path. And I really do believe we each start with one single step. Why not let that first step be cleaning supplies? It'll cost you next to nothing to put this together. I had the basket already on hand (I tend to pick up extra baskets when thrifting to keep on hand). I made the labels with permanent colored marker and covered them with clear packing tape for extra protection. Of course something created on the computer would be great too.

Don't forget to include all of the recipes with your cleaning kit, this is the most important part! (I happened to have some very old self-laminating supplies here at home, so these are laminated.) By doing so, you have not only provided a friend with the inspiration to be a little greener, you have empowered them with the simple tools and information to carry on with this practice for years to come. Maybe you could even include your favorite list of simple living resources on the web!

All of my recipes are variations of the ones Rhonda provides on her website. I add essential oils to my supplies, a personal preference.

I hope you find this idea useful, and perhaps it'll produce a few spin-off ideas of your own - do share!! I always appreciate your ideas...