Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Simply Old


A View From the Green Barn

Things change when you get old. You get leaky, start leaning and need lots of TLC. Hey! I'm talking about my 100 year old barn!

My green barn was built around 1900. It may have been a "Bank Barn" from a Sears and Roebuck catalog that sold for around $500 for all the building materials. It is a loose hay barn, with a basement for animals. There are various pulleys and ropes and ladders that fill it with all kinds of character and mystery. I have room in the basement for two large chicken coops and a triple stall for larger animals, (maybe a couple of pigs next year).

However, I have a few problems. I want my barn to last another hundred years, but am not quite sure how to proceed. The roof leaks and the foundation is crumbling.

I want to do everything "the right way" but that often means a great deal of expense. For what it would cost me to repair the barn, and keep its integrity as an old structure, and seal it up against the weather, I could tear it down and build a larger steel building!

For me, to focus on simple living, I am doing what I need to do to the barn. Right now, I have various tarps keeping the water at bay, and am working to make different areas of the barn usable. I am keeping my eye out for used gutters.

Don't you just love this secret door? What would you like to see when you open it?

Here is an example of water damage.

This is the center beam that holds up most of the structure. It is about 20 inches in diameter, and the post is even larger.

Check out the wavy window.

I would never tear this building down, there is way too much character. However, the list of repairs is endless.

I choose to keep the old boy and do what I can.