Friday, 15 May 2009

Simple Steps

Heather of Beauty That Moves

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to put together a simpler life for yourself and your family. There are so many things that could be done, the tasks seem countless and huge. In a way, they are, because most modern day living is so far removed from anything that resembles simple. There are indeed many, many steps that need to be taken. But they are just that. Steps. And it doesn't really matter which one you take first, just start walking.

There is no correct starting point. I think most of us on this journey daydream about rolling acres of fertile land and off-grid homesteads. We hope to someday collect heirloom vegetable seeds and never buy a market egg or potato for the rest of our lives. But reality is such a funny thing isn't it? It often (for most of us) does not feel or look like those daydreams. Maybe some day it will, but for today, it's okay if our steps lead us in a slightly different direction. As long as we are walking.

Most recently those steps led us to turning our two loaf weekly batch of bread into one loaf of bread and nine burger/sandwich buns... because it is grilling season, and we happily have just found one less thing we need to buy at the store in a package! The step we took to start baking our own bread happened a long time ago, now we'll rely only on ourselves to put the buns on the table too! It might not seem like much, but these steps really do add up to miles in no time at all.

I wonder, what is the latest step you've taken?