Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Please Come Introduce Yourself!

Posted by Melinda Briana Epler, One Green Generation


Hi everyone. I thought it was high time we all had a little fun and learned a bit about one another. Shall we try it?

Come, introduce yourself in the comments.

I'll start....

I'm Melinda, I live in Seattle, WA, where I grew up. I've an artist in New York, a documentary filmmaker in Los Angeles, and I've had a whole slew of other careers in between. I also lived on a rural vineyard in Northern California for a year, trying to live self-sufficiently.

A few months ago I started my own business with 7 other people with very different backgrounds but one goal of making the world a better place. We've recently taken on our first client, a large mission-driven microfinance company that gives small loans to people in the developing world so they can lift themselves out of poverty.

My husband and I on our wedding day

My husband and I live in a small apartment in a dense area of the city, with a dog we rescued from a Los Angeles animal shelter and a cat we rescued from the vineyards. We do our best to live sustainably. Some days we falter, but we're forever getting better.

Please Introduce Yourself!

Ok - I would love to know about you now. Please join the conversation! Don't be shy - if you've never commented before, now is a great time to start!!