Tuesday, 30 June 2009

You never think it will get you

Posted by: Paul Gardener
A posse ad esse (From possibility to reality)

A lot of times we go through life watching the news, talking with friends and thinking about "all those poor people" that are being affected by the happenings of the world. Be it economic, natural disaster or accident there's a lot of things that can happen that will take us off course. Luckily, more often not, we are barely affected in that we are in the majority that watches from the sidelines. That, however, is not always the case.

I spent last week with fever, chills, dizziness and respiratory problems.
I spent last week with Swine Flu.

I lived, obviously, but it was not a pleasurable experience by any means. My son was sick the week prior. He was tested for influenza and it appeared negative, but our doctor advised that he had already had 60 cases in June and that was on the 15th. We also had a young man in my age group (35-40)die just the week prior. H1N1 is in our neighborhood and it is spreading.

I don't say that at all to panic anyone but rather as a statement of fact. It IS here and it IS spreading. The thing I realized last week was that at the rate that it has the potential to spread and if it were more virulent, as is the concern for this fall, that we don't have the kind of preparations that I think we'd like to have in place. Simple things like Acetaminophen that we generally always keep a supply of were hard to find because we don't use them a lot. And we aren't restricted from shopping or going out at all. That is a real concern though for the future if this or some other pandemic necessitates that people are shut into their homes.

I think my wife and I are probably better prepared than many of our neighbors or friends would be if we were to have to go to those lengths, but honestly I take this as a wake up call to myself and I encourage you too as well. Not to panic and not to hoard, but take a look at what your week or two weeks might look like if you were required to stay at home for just that period of time. There are a wealth of great ideas here on this blog. Use us, the writers of this community to help you take stock and identify what you need to do. Have specific questions? Ask them. Need suggestions on how to store things or what kind of stuff you may need for a starter emergency kit? I for one don't have all the answers to the questions that I come up with, but over time I've built a great bunch of resources through others like my fellow writers here.

Please forgive me, but I'm not going to go on for too long tonight. I'm still tired and trying to get back into sorts with myself, I just thought I could take this opportunity to remind all that just because we never think it will get us...sometimes it does.

Peace to you all