Thursday, 16 July 2009

Homemade Cloth Facial Wipes

By Julie
Towards Sustainability

Around 18 months ago, I was working steadily on getting rid of all the disposable, one-use products in my home. I was still using cotton wool balls in the bathroom to apply (homemade) facial toner, so I decided to make my own cloth wipes to replace them.

It was very simple! I raided my stash of old flannel nappies (diapers) and cut one of the plain white ones into small rectangles, folded them in half to make a square - and add some bulk to the wipes - and sewed up the three remaining sides on my sewing machine. Voila! Homemade facial wipes.

The beauty of these is because they are so small, any small fabric scraps or remnants in a suitably absorbent fabric could be used, as can old or thrifted flanelette sheets or pillowcases, for example.

If you have one, using an overlocker/serger to whip around the edges would make them twice as quick to make, but if you don't have a machine, hand sewing them wouldn't take very long either.

I made them squares merely because it was the most efficient use of the fabric, but I know some of my blogger friends made round ones.

When I have used one I pop it into a mesh washing bag (the kind you use for lingerie) I keep in the bathroom drawer. When it's full, I pop it all into a hot wash with the tea towels and dishcloths and dry them in the sun.

Simple, green and frugal!