Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Story of Stuff

By Julie
Towards Sustainability

I guess you could call this an "oldie but a goldie". The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard has been available on the 'net for quite some time now, but I still get regular emails from people who have followed the link from my website and have been blown away by the 20 minute video, so I think it's worth promoting it again for new readers to the Co-Op.

I love The Story of Stuff video because it gives a quick but concise description of both the environmental and social impacts of over consumption and exactly why all those imported goods can be produced so cheaply: I think it should be compulsory viewing in all schools.

In these tough financial times it can sometimes be difficult to justify the extra expense of buying local goods, but if you haven't already, watch the video and then consider
a) if you really need that item, and
b) if you can stretch your dollars a little more to support your local suppliers to keep your money (and jobs) in your local area.